Sunday, January 31, 2010

gotta love that life thing

Its been an interesting time with the humans lately. For example, one of them pinched the Mountain Man's honey truck from our front yard on Friday night. And then this morning at the farmers market everyone I bought anything off seemed to be just radiating joy. The olive oil man was happy, the bread girl was happy and the honey man wants my recipe for saba. We talked, or at least I listened while he told me about everywhere he takes his bees and which trees flower where at which time during the year. I think he enjoyed having a listener (and customer) who appreciated the incredibly hard work and heavy lifting in being a commercial beekeeper.

And I had a moment at the recycling depot while happily scrummaging around in the skips for empty champagne bottles to put my saba in. It would appear folks on this side of town drink 397 beers for every bottle of (cheap and nasty) champagne.

I realised I have crossed a line between relatively normal and completely loopy when a car pulled in and instead of thinking "oh, how embarrassing, these people are going to see me rummaging about in the bins" I immediately thought "oh, goodie, I wonder if these people have any champagne bottles"

I am the cat lady. and I am only 39.

In other news, I made another batch of honey plum saba. This one using big fat purple plums from the prune (splendour I think) in the front yard. These are beautiful meaty plums, probably the best I have tasted for eating fresh and I hesitated to put the last bucket full into the saba, but then, lets face it, its really value adding and thats a good thing right?

The saba continues to impress the neighbourhood. A bottle was consumed with the girls next door yesterday afternoon, and well, we all had to have naps afterwards. It packs a punch. Two glasses helped greatly to ease away the surprise that someone would take the gorgeous little old 4WD ute I was in the process of buying. I mean if Bruce doesnt want me to have the truck of my dreams, at a great price then who am I to argue? Luckily it was still insured.

And for those with an interest in the feathered goings on - Big Fella is definitely embracing the whole gender spectrum. She has gone clucky but gets off the nest in the morning to pretend to crow then gets back on the nest to try and make babies. *sign*

And finally, I got off my but and bottle some tomatoes today. They are coming in thick and fast now. Some of the tomatoes are so big (the black krims especially) that one tomato almost fills a No20 jar. Soon it will be time to start making relish. yum yum.

Carolyn and Hugh from across the road have invited us over for drinks this afternoon. They promised they had lots of empty champagne bottles for me - yippee. saves me going through their recycling bin when it goes out tonight.

I am lucky to have such beautiful alcoholic ( celebrative) neighbours.

that is all.


Laura said...

I wish you lived next door to me!!

The Duck Herder said...

Ditto Laura! WOuld you let me pat your piggies? I would bring you saba!

Jacqui said...

Laura, I was just about to say the same thing! I make pretty good cake - I could swap cake for saba, no really, I could!!

If anyone were brave enough to open our garage doors they would find shelves of empty beer bottles hoarded away for the brewing bonanza we are planning. Now I'm starting to get more ambitious with all this talk. Ginger beer shminger beer - I want plum wine!

What do you expect when you go and call your boss lady Big Fella? She's bound to have some identity issues.

Sorry 'bout the ute. I had a dream ute parked outside me house many moons ago. It was a 1957 Holden Special Ute and I was broke as can be. I had long conversations with the owner who wanted it to go to a loving home and not just hold up a sign for a business. Alas, it wasn't to be. But I still dream about it all these years later!

Happy days cat lady - Bruce will provide :)

Marla said...

I agree with Laura

Anonymous said...

Cat lady? You are the duck lady, with all the good things that implies.

We've been pinching empty bottles from restaurants, bbqs, friends houses, the recycling etc for ages - I believe it is a sign of coolness, not impending dementia.

Valley View said...

SUrely Mrs Duck, I would have sworn on a stack of bibles you were only 27 and that Mr Duck was a craddle snatcher. I can't possibly believe anything else.

Getting closer with the compost - just got to chase the snakes away. I also just recieved in the mail today - a book about what you can make out of Pallets, as well as the Four Season Farms Books, Joe Salitins Everything I want to do is illegal and the One Straw Revolution - all for Mrs BVVF, it's her B'day on the 14th. Can't put it on my blog it would upset her.

The Duck Herder said...

aaaw shucks! youse are all so lovely to me!

and sherdie, you know I mold my self into your little gen y shaddow! yay for dumpster diving for bottles.

Mr BVVF, Mrs BVVF is one LUCKY LADY!!! Looking forward to some big arse composting when ever you are ready! Just give the cook some notice so she can whip up something yummi for morning tea (preferably withOUT the duckling feet sticking out if thats OK)

love and giggles to you all

NessaKnits said...

For your bottles may I sugggest wedding reception venues!