Saturday, January 9, 2010

call the beer ambulance!

Well its a bit of a stinker today and its forecast to be a bit stinky hot for the rest of the week. It was all hoses are go down at the community garden this morning with everyone watering in anticipation of a very hot dry windy day. I thought I would post while I am waiting for the ice cream to melt enough to scoop some out of the tub - its too early for the beer ambulance, and really, the first line of defence once the temperature gets above 35 degrees should be ice cream don't you think? You don't want to go out too hard too early....

I have run out of string, so have started plaiting up onions ready to hang in the carport once I do manage to locate some. Sure, not as romantic as garlic plaits, but lovely non the less. I can't tell you how lovely they smell.

A close up of Camilla the secret chicken.

And in anticipation of widdle ducklings this week, I cleaned out the duck pond and filled it with fresh water. This is always cause for much celebration in duck world, and Amelia left her nest to jump in and have a bath.

This was an opportunity to check how the eggs were going - there was one rotten one that was broken and sticky which I removed. The rest look lovely. Esmond has been keeping her company - hanging out beside her in the nest - its pretty cute. This is his first opportunity to be a father - it can go either way with drakes - they can be indifferent, great or murderous dads. Fingers crossed he is the indulgent kind. I don't really have another fox proof pen to keep him in if he does hassle the duckings, so he will have to take his chances with the wolves if he tries to kill the littlies. Just tellin' ya Esmond, just tellin' ya.


Von said...

Hope it goes well.. what's the incubation time for ducks? It's 35 days for geese so quite a wait.Ganders are generally great fathers even when novices.
I know, I know the lure of icecream is a big one but it does make you hotter.I don't resist all the same.Yes a beer at the end of a hard day's work feels rewarding. Finding a nice drop of Moscato with some Goat curd cheese to offset the sweetness is delicious.
Keep cool!

The Duck Herder said...

Thanks Von - Ducks are 28 days. I love that about Geese - the active parenting I mean. My last drake was initially the best dad - but after a few years even he started being a bit murderous. I have just discovered Moscato too!

Marla said...

I am so happy I found your blog through Kathy Jenkins. I am going to like it here ... very much!