Friday, January 29, 2010

Lacuna Sabbath

where we stayed in Freemantle

Dear Mr Weekend Farmer was wondering what this whole Lacuna Sabbath thing is and it is this. "Lacuna" is like a gap, a missing bit, an extended silence, and Sabbath is of course, a special day of rest and prayer generally celebrated once a week. So my Lacuna Sabbath is my gift to me - to try ever so hard to dedicate Fridays as a day of rest, contemplation, tending the garden and conversing with ducks. A special space in the life of a busy duck indulged in with wanton love and joy, and fiercely protected and defended. It kinda comes from a Leunig character - Mr Curly who lives on the shores of Lake Lacuna. Originally it was my way of saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! STOP! to crazy work hours and too much overtime but now it is part of my life and it is just delicious and wonderful.

So anyway, what did I do on this Lacuna Sabbath? Well Mr Duck Herder and I have been in Perth since last weekend so after lots of travel and a wedding and eating and drinking and general conviviality, today was pretty calm. We stayed in Freemantle which is a City I just love.

This morning was spent reconnecting with the garden after a crazy hot week. This afternoon I "racked" the honey and plum saba. And now I am completely sozzled in a delicious way. I think I am not the best at using the syphon yet, and have had to consume FAR too much wine in proportion to what ended up in the demijohns. It is delicious. *hick*

One batch has the most luminous ruby colour. The other is cloudier and more orange. But they are both delicious.

And they both turned very dark once I had racked them. I have kept the sediment to use in muffins etc. It is deliciously sweet and buzzy.

In other news, the widdle ducklings are HUMONGOUS. One is very little. Some have naughty white bits on their throats which is cute but not really proper for a Kahki Campbell.

that is all!


Von said...

Beautiful, aren't they looking grand!?

Barbara said...

Hmmmm, I have read that the white on the neck is a marking of the females only and that males will never have the white on the necks. Not sure if it is true but, I can tell you that the ones hatched her at my place with white on necks have turned out to be females. Adorable they are. Great picture!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

The honey and plum saba sounds AWESOME :)

me46han said...

The sabas are beautiful. I am very inspired by your fermentation efforts! i will get up the nerve to try some myself here soon.:)
also I just read your post about the smells.. and I think your lemongrass/patchouli sounds amazing! - some folks just dont love patchouli, but it what makes YOU happy that you should wear.

sherdie said...

The saba looks delish! Can't wait to try some - don't spose you want to lug some up north? *grin*

I have always loved the idea of the lacuna sabbath, and I can't wait until I get my ducks in a row to have my own one regularly.

The Duck Herder said...

hey bloggyfolks!
Many thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. It is WONDERFUL *swoon swoon*

Barbara if only it was true! White is definitely a no no for Campbells at least in Australia. It is a sure sign that there is some other breed in the mix. Over the past few years I have bred it out of my ducks, but Esmond is from a new line, so it mighta poped back in from Amelia's side or might be from Esmonds side. Luckily they still taste Ok w/wo white necks!

And the Saba is so yummi I decree that everyone should be granted 1 demijohn to make it whenever they want!

And Sherdie a shed and a regular lacuna sabbath is just what you need! Its just what any girl needs!

And I would lovingly bring some up to the brisvegas but think it may qualify as "explosive" and my not perform very well with changing cabin pressures!

WeekendFarmer said...

Those ducks are amazing!! : )

Thanks for the definition on L.S. Now I can sleep in peace.

Met some people from down under on a ski lift in Vail and was talking about you to them. They were complaining how hot it has been back home.

Stay well!