Friday, January 1, 2010

Garden Update

Things are going well considering the amount of neglect the garden is getting.
Its pretty wild and woolly in there. We are harvesting onions, Italian zucs, some weird squashy pumpkin thingy, cabbages, swedes (or are they turnips) and lettuces. Cucs are on their way, as are some sweet pepper thingies. Watermelon and corn is flowering. I have let the parsnips, English spinach and winter lettuces go to seed.

The marties in the martie house are going splendiferously. These are black russians and black krims. They are not far behind the early marties - the siberians and swifts and such. It wont be long folks - which is good because we are down to our last bottle of tomato relish.

Things we are missing this year are parsley and basil. I think I might crack and get some seedlings rather than starting again from seed........

Buy my how those tomatos look lovely.

Well, that is all. Welcome to 2010 folks! May it be full of rain

One of my resolutions is to take the pressure of being self sufficient in the veggie department and to just have fun and enjoy and not stress if a particular crop or batch fails. I reckon its back to just enjoying the growing of delicious food, not stressing about it or seeing it as a failure if we need to buy veggies. Well. that's it!


sherdie said...

Happy 2010! I think this will be a good year. Although, truth be told, I think that about most years. And I'm usually right. So. Hooray. A good year ahead!

Hooray to less pressure, also. This can only be a good thing. I see no reason for you to stress about some arbitrary point past which you are "self-sufficient". We're all hooked into this giant messy meshy webby thing and sometimes that means buying vegies and electricity and petrol and meat and shelter and water. True self-sufficiency would be very difficult and also very isolating, I think. You do wonderful things growing and preserving food and inspiring other people (like me) to try to do the same. Everything you do and consume is mindful (well, most things, except all that pudding at Christmas, you know) which is a hundred times more important that ticking a self-created box.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and find a stepladder so I can get down from this soapbox.


The Duck Herder said...

eeerm. high horse dont you think?

point taken miss rocket! anyway, I have been indulging in way too many very nice big fat eggplants not grown by me to turn back now!

Em said...

Looks great :) Where did you get the structure the tomatoes are in? I have been trying to find a reasonably cheap way to extend the season a bit and that looks perfect!

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Em! I got the little greenhouse from ebay - it was just over $100 including postage. I didnt think it would last as long as it has - I have secured it to the planet with star pickets and rope and it has survived some REALLY BIG winds so I am most pleased. If you search for "green house" on ebay I think two sellers will pop up. I am thinking of buying another one!

Hope your afternoon tea with the BVVFs was lovely - I am so sad I missed it!


Anonymous said...


Von said...

Not stressing about anything is good, we can only do our best.Great tomato crop!

Von said...

P.S Have you tried the 'useful structure' made from 5 metre lengths of ag pipe threaded onto 2 metre lenths of steel rod? You can cover it with wire-netting for an arch, configure it like a dome for greenhouse/chookhouse etc and it's easily moveable. Maybe I'll post on it for more detail.Watch my space!