Friday, January 8, 2010

Onions, Pots of Tea & St Teresa

"Let nothing disturb thee; Let nothing dismay thee; All thing pass; Bruce never changes. Patience attains all that it strives for. The chick who has Bruce finds she lacks nothing: Bruce alone suffices.”

St Teresa of Avila - doctored by the duck.

So like, the duck has had a long interest in perennial philosophy - you know, those core ideas, principles and knowledges that are common to and underpin all religions and ways of understanding the universe. Buddhism for instance - is extremely accessible from a perennial philosophers perspective mainly because that smiley old Buddha developed a rational framework focused on experience and knowing rather than faith and tradition. But despite my good Christian upbringing Christianity has always been a bit beyond me - a bit too close to be able to see underneath all the narrow minded patriarchal faff.

But this changed a bit after reading good old Eckhart Tolle who explained to my simpleton brain that the Christian idea of "sin" and "original sin" when correctly translated actually means "to miss the mark". Now this suddenly makes a whole lot more sense to me - the idea that we are born in "original sin", might actually mean we are born ignorant, born forgetting that I am that, we are that and all this is that eternal being (ie Bruce). And that we spend the rest of our life(s) trying to remember hook back in with the good stuff, and that the Christian idea that "we are born in God's image" is generally understood in an arse about way - it doesn't mean that Bruce looks like/is a person (for goodness sake) it means that the eternal parts of us (lets say soul for want of a better word or concept) is made of the same stuff that Bruce is.

We are in essence, LIKE BRUCE , not the other way around.

Now I still struggle with the personification of Bruce that saturates Christian writings, but in a good perennial philosophers way I suspect that somehow, Christianity MUST be able to offer people a similar path to enlightenment / transcendence / heaven / grace / Bruce's place.....

So I am checking out what the chicks have to say on the matter - starting with St Teresa of Avila because St Teresa seemed to be on a first name basis with Bruce. Goodness my dear Nana would be SO PROUD.
Surely if I scrape off all the cultural scum, the perennial truths will still be there kicking around at the bottom of the bucket?

Anyhoo, what does this have to do with onions? Not a lot, except to mention that the 2010 onion harvest is coming in. (Thanks Bruce!) Yeehah! Bring on Jamie Oliver's English Onion Soup recipe RIGHT NOW. It is going to take me days to pick all of them. One ute load at a time methinks.

And what does this have to do with Pots of Tea - nuthin except that except when it is hotter than 35 degrees c, this is where a lot of the communion and cuppas with St Teresa is happening. I love our deck.

That is all.

PS, This post was not / is not intended to cause offense to any sensitive Christians who might unexpectedly read this blog. I know you can be a titchy bunch on occasion.


Garden Pheenix said...

Why Bruce? This confuses me.

Other than that I follow your train of thought and it intrigues me but I am too raw from the spiritual injustices of the faith at this moment to be able to delve into where you're going. I am interested in reading more of your thoughts tho!

Von said...

We are the stars etc? Drop by sometime we have things in common.

me46han said...

This made me smile from ear to ear! This post. Well said, all of it!

The Duck Herder said...

Hi lovely Garden Pheenix - I understand what you are saying completely. Regarding Bruce, click on the "Bruce" link in the quote for an explanation! I just can;t bring myself to use the word "god" because I think Christianity has squeezed and shrunk the meaning of the word so much that it is useless and fraught and limited and too little now. "Bruce" is much better! for me anyway.

Hi Chicken Sherpa (what a great name for a blog!) I am glad I made you smile - I worried after I put up this post that I might unintentionally offend people so I am really glad to get your comment.

Hi Von - Thanks for the comments and the visit and the links to your blogs - you are PROLIFIC! And are very blessed to be a goose herder!

Valley View said...

Lovely Mrs D, someday we'll have to have a chat about Bruce. Being a non practicing Catholic your words hve great meaning to me. Enjoy the heat and Ice Cream. I love Beer Ambulance as well - never heard that one before not even in the Army.

The Duck Herder said...

thanks Mr BVVF - I think that some deep discussions would go nicely with a glass of Honey Plum Saba don't you think? I can't take credit for the beer ambulance - thats pure Jacqui from Life in the Dome - she is HILARIOUS! take care stay cool keep away from those snakes! Mr Duck has seen only one brown in the back yard this year - and it hasnt been spotted I am hoping that this year he is just passing though and not setting up shop like last year!