Tuesday, January 12, 2010

hot hot hot

Hi folks - HELLO NEW FOLKS! Thank you for visiting this little blog. This is just a quicky post before I scoot off to work. It is HOT in case you southerners hadn't noticed. It was hot yesterday and this morning it is STILL HOT. This is my 4 weeks of the year when I seriously consider air conditioning! Don't worry , I will get over it as soon as the weather changes.

Amelia has so far hatched 5 ducklings. She has been on the nest non stop for two whole days now. I put some water in there for her and the hatchlings. Sorry folks no photos. She is being very protective. It's going to be even hotter today which probably isn't ideal for the whole hatching thing.

Yesterday was my first day back at work after a two week break. I had a lot of meetings. Drove out to chat with the farmer we are working with to set up our last composting facility and our first on farm composting facility. Quotes for the sheds have come back FOUR TIMES what we budgeted....so there is a bit of work to do there!

Apart from a little wobbly in the morning when I couldn't find the work car keys, which ended up being the the glove box of Mr Duck herder's car which was parked in town where he is working, I am proud to say I stayed pretty centered and calm and present. I got to drive the honey truck out to Bungendore and up into the mountains instead so that was nice. It was a bit of a change to the blissfull langour of recent times.

I am OK with a bit of heat, but once the temperature gets above 40 degrees for too long my pitta gets all out of whack and I can easily blow a gasket (just add ice cream - I love ayur veda)

Its going to be a BIG YEAR. Just keep breathing girl, just keep breathing. This is the last year of my project.

Well, stay cool, unless you are covered in 6 inches of snow in the north......in which case, stay shnuggly.

6.42 am - too early for the beer ambulance? perhaps. But are there any rules against ice cream for breakfast.......


jonesy said...

Ice cream works for me Duck herder. It was that hot last night I cleaned out our supply before dawn. Just as soon as I can work up the courage I'm on my bike to the supermarket for more. I call it the 25km diet because that how fast I have to peddle to get that creamy goodness home before it melts.

Von said...

Ice-cream for breakfast, yes and again yes! Who wants muesli in 41C?
Better still Pavlova with mango!
If ducks are anything like geese and of course they are...water birds,flat feet, waddly,bills, feathers etc then they'll be fine incubating in the heat.
Stay cool!

Marla said...

How exciting to have baby ducklings. Can't wait for the photos. Ice cream for breakfast? But, of course!

Sharnanigans said...

I want ducks now. How do I get them. Where do I start.
My son's first word, well second after clock - was Quack!

The Duck Herder said...

HELLOOO everyone! I am so spoilt - you realise that I am very suseptible to attention.......you were warned.

Pav and mango - now that is BREAKFAST!

Sharnanigans I am sure the OHT or the nearest 2ht will include a few duck breeders. They are too easy and too cute to have in the back yard - its like having resident comedians living down the back. And your son is obviously very gifted!


Jacqui said...

We bought some ice block molds and we did discuss, quite seriously, making some beercicles. Trouble is the bubbles expand in the freezer and you get a sort of frozen froth that goes all down the sides of the mold and all over the other things nearby. Still, there's plenty of time to speriment. Summer?!@!!