Monday, January 4, 2010

Poem for 2010

We simplify our lives
We live gladly with less.
We let go the illusion that we can possess.
We CREATE instead.
We let go of the illusion of mobility.
We travel in stillness. We travel at home.
By candlelight and in stillness,
In the presence of flowers,
We make our pilgrimage.
We simplify our lives.

Michael Leunig, from "When I talk to you - a cartoonist talks to God"


Lauraslife said...

Beautiful Poem, thank you for sharing it.

sherdie said...

I love it.

Von said...

And with a chilled Moscato and some Woodside Cheesewright's goat curd at dusk on the front verandah.

Sharnanigans said...

LOVE IT. Just came across your blog after being suggested it by Kathy from lessons from a monk i married.
I am hooked. Loving the farmy backyard loving this poem. Will wander around a little more if you don't mind!