Monday, September 27, 2010

more on the bikes

While we were in Port Douglas this winter for a wedding, Mr Duck Herder and I rented a tandem bike to get around. This was just too much fun. You see, the weather was gorgeous, and while we both ride bikes, we do so at vastly different speeds. I can not tell you how marvelous it was to be zipping along with the enormous powerhouse that is my beloved driving along that little bike at great speed. It was like driving a Ferrari. We could chat. Although I did get told to stop singing "Bicycle Built for Two" at the top of my voice or else I would have to walk.

Anyway, it was FUN and I think Mr Duck was happy not to have to stop and wait for his slow poke wife all the time, and I was happy not to have to huff and puff to keep up. I also REALLY liked using the tandem as a serious car replacement. I hitched up my frock and we rode it to the wedding all the way along the beach. We rode it to dinner. We rode it to the pub. We just rode it around and around sight seeing. And everywhere we rode it, it made people smile and wave and say hello.

I LOVED riding in my civilians rather than gearing up into lycra and silly shoes. Now don't get me wrong, that's fine for heading off into the mountains for some serious single track or on a long road ride, but replacing car trips - shopping, visiting, going to the pub, going out to dinner....well I think it is splendid to do this in exactly the clothes and shoes you want to be wearing when you get there. And I like the idea of slowing down and arriving sans sweat or puff.

Anyway. We have been kinda looking for a second hand tandem.....and then I found this:

Our bicycle built for two. Made to last our lifetime at least.

We have been listing all the places we could ride it.......and identifying all the car trips we could have done on our bike for two if we had him already. Most of the trips we make together are around 10 - 15 km each way. Certainly doable on our bike for two.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bike & Kangaroo Heaven in the Bush Capital

Bike and Trains Study Tour, Netherlands from carltonreid on Vimeo.

This is so inspiring. Selina continues to delight, except her rear tires keep exploding. BANG!!! I have put an extra layer of protective tape between the wheel rims and the tube. Will see how it goes. Her 20 year old spoke ends are a bit rough for these modern day mamby pamby tubes.

I continue to LUST after a Workcycles Oma.

Be still my beating heart.

In other news, I had the joy of showing some overseas visitors (Wales and Scotland) a bit of local wildlife. Their joyous amazement in Kangaroos reignited my own. They can't believe you can see Kangaroos just hopping around beside the roads near and in the city. And the Emu's just sent them silly. We spent 2 hours searching for Koalas in the 20 acre - ish Koala enclosure at Tidbinbilla, only to discover we were looking for one of "about 7" of the little blighters, so gave up and had tea and cake. Luckily a new Mr Koala was in the quarantine enclosure near the entrance, awaiting release into the general paddock, so we got to see at least one.

And how about this weather.

And I am not mentioning that silly Mr Rabbit.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


The counter says 22007. Who are all those people?

Hello whoever you are.


Tea Cosy #7

Behold tea cosy #7. It is for Carolyn across the road. It took a little while. I was waiting for inspiration......and then on Thursday I had lunch at Benedict House with my dear friend Rosemary and in the bead shop I found the cutest Jack and Jill and baby Jesus motif buttons to use as centers for some of the flowers and that was all I needed.

I don't have a teapot small enough to show it off, but hopefully my measuring was OK and it fits Carolyn's teapot like a.......purpose built tea cosy made to measure and made with love!