Friday, January 22, 2010

honey bike shed stinky duck

And exciting thing is happening folks.

The little men are here putting up our new shed.
Soon we will have a three bedroom house instead of a 1 bedroom, two bike room / bee stuff room house.

A weird thing happened today. Simon the guy at the produce store told me he hated my perfume. He thought it was a man repellent. (!) I am trying not to worry that I smell. I don't smell yukki folks. Do I?

Smell is a funny thing. I like to wear a lemongrass oil with a tiny bit of patchouli in it mostly because I always have a sore neck and shoulder and the lemongrass makes it feel nice and it centers me and reminds me to relax. I make little bottles of the same oil up for my girl friends because they love the smell so much. So it was a bit of a surprise to be told it was yucki. A good opportunity to not let my ego tell me that I always have to smell delicious for everyone and if I like it then that should be good enough. Although perhaps I'd better go a bit lighter on it.

I had just been thinking about ego and about how susceptible to praise I am and wondering how I would REALLY go if people ever didn't like me or think I was amazing or adorable. And how do you get to a place where you are steady and calm whatever people think about you or your work good or bad.

In other news I asked Bruce to find me just a couple of meters of garden hose so that an old hose I have can reach all the kiwi vines more easily and wouldn't you know, there in the bargain basement bin at a certain hardware store was just what I needed for $1.

Life is funny.

Haa haa thanks Bruce.

Oh and one of the little men called me "Sweet Pea" , not STINKY Sweet Pea or Little Miss Smelly. So there.


Laura said...

I am sure you smell quiet good, and the sweet pea comment is nice.

Von said...

Well you know patchouli can be quite overpowering for some.Maybe they weren't around in the 70's!!
Why are the workpersons "little"?

jonesy said...

What did he think after you applied the minor adjustments to his smelling gear? :-)

Jacqui said...

Um, hello? He works in a produce store. Maybe if you came in smelling of Essence of Esmond he'd be more interested :)

PS I'm sure you smell lovely... x
PPS I often use lemongrass oil at home for the same reason- maybe it's a chick thing

Barbara said...

Hello. Nose's are a funny thing. What one finds appealing others find offensive. Personally, my nose finds patchouli is not only a moth repellant but, also a human repellant.....Please take this as funny as I meant it to be. My nose loves the scent of Lemongrass. I am aware that while many hate the smell of patchouli just as many love it. It is kinda like cats, no middle ground you either love or hate them. Peace and wear whatever makes you happy and don't care what others think unless your trying to catch a man.....LOL.

Marla said...

No he did not say that??? Maybe you should be glad it repels HIM. I have patchouli candles all over this house. Great choice in fragrance my dear Duck Herder.

Marla said...
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The Duck Herder said...

Oh you are all so beautiful!!!!! thank you so much! isnt it funny how all my VIRTUAL buddies are so quick to reassure me I don;t smell!!!!

heehee. You are all very funny. I know that patchouli is a very love it or hate it thing. I like it in very tiny quantities, but lemon grass... how can anyone not like something that smells like fruit loops?

I think I have complicated future chook food purchases because when Simon told me he thought patchouli was a man repellant I quiped back "oh no, my secret is out".

Thank you my lovely loving bloggy friends. :-) xxxxxxxxx