Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hoochi Mama x2

Today is a beautiful day. I have rediscovered all the nice things about getting up at dawn. Geeze you can really pack a lot into ya day. Anyhoo, we have been missed by TWO thunderstorms today and I think that just about exhausts our chances.....

First up (after a big mug of tea of course) I snuck up the road to gather some wild plums to make some more wine.
I went for a run today while it was still cool - this was more of a walk/trot as I am still nursing that torn hamstring a little.

I then went down to the community garden to water the veggies. It is so beautiful everywhere at the moment. Everything is green and fresh and jumping from the Christmas rain. We are so lucky.

There was even time for a nap.

I have eaten WAY too much Christmas cake - but what is a girl to do? Sue from next door made me a WHOLE chocolate and Drambuie Christmas fruit cake and I am the only one in the house who eats it.......

And then my sister popped in with a bucket of honey she didn't need so now I have everything I need to make a batch of Honey Plum Wine. This is a recipe from the "wild fermentation" book I talked about earlier. It uses WILD yeasts like a sourdough. The mix is just rain water, raw honey and whole plums. It just bubbles along for a week or so, then I syphon it into a DEMIJOHN and we all know how much I like those!

Total cost: ZERO. (apart from the demijohn of course)


Katherine Jenkins said...

I love that you are growing your own veggies and living off the land. Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you too! Where do you live? I live in WA state and not much is growing right now. I hope to try my first garden this Spring. Peace to you, Kathy

The Duck Herder said...

Kathy I wish you all the love and joy and connection I know will come from starting to tend your own plants. As you know from your walks in the forest near your home, there is nothing more grounding and connecting than to connect with nature. And I suspect that the universe WANTS so much to to provide us with beautiful food if only we give it a chance! Food grown with love and cooked with love and eaten with people you love IS love I reckon.

I live in a house on the edge of the subburbs in Canberra, Australia so it is the height of summer here. We keep chooks and ducks and bees and fruit trees in the backyard and because it is quite overgrown, also grow veggies at a community garden (I think these are called "allotments" in the US?) half a mile down the road. Forgive my ignorance, but WA is Washington state?

Peace and stillness and happy healthy abundant soil to you too!


Von said...

Chocolate and Drambie Christmas Cake...any left?get the kettle on I'll be round!