Saturday, January 23, 2010

more of that hot stuff

As one hot windy day follows another. We are in the middle of another heat wave. I have been watching episodes of Gourmet Farmer on the web and I must say I am YEARNING for some of that gorgeous cool wet mountainous Tassie landscape. Right now it just looks like heaven.

In other news, before it got stinky hot this morning I started moving fermenting stuff and bee stuff into the new shed. There is still plenty of room for the preserving stuff and tools stuff. Bikes won't be translocated until we get a better lock. I wont KNOW MYSELF without all my little projects scattered and heaped all over the house. And I am anticipating Mr Duck Herder (who thinks I smell quite lovely thank you) loving me lots more without all my mess everywhere.

There are some beings who are enjoying the heat. The tomatos are starting to ripen. The Siberians are early quick lovely simple small to medium boring round and red. I will grow these again for sure.

But as always, the Black Russians are my favourites with their dark smooth roundness and complex flavour.

Didn't have quite enough marties or time or inclination to bottle today, and Mr Duck Herder was making "what are you doing with all these tomatos on the bench" noises so I cheated and just chopped them up and froze them in little half kilo bags. So simple. It will be like pulling little bags of concentrated summer out of the freezer in 6 months time. Imagine, 6 months time we will have forgotten all about this heat and be missing the sun.

And summer is all about making salads out of what ever is in the garden. Micro greens (poncey name for baby lettuce) , cucumbers, lettuce, zucs, corn cut strait from the cob, lemon juice, a boiled egg (bigg fella's if you ask) whole egg mayo, free range chook and some sesame seeds on top. (post picture). yum.

Stay cool all you southern hemisphere folks.


Von said...

Stay cool too, right now very pleasant for us and not a bad Summer.

sherdie said...

Yay for extra space! I want a new shed but I think I have to wait until I have, like, a house first.

I've just processed and frozen a bunch of free mangoes for winter nibblings. Hooray!

ps I think you smell just fine.

Tricia said...

All that storage space looks lovely!

I wish i had that many tomatoes - nothing but a few cherry tomatoes this year :-(

WeekendFarmer said...

will trade some 'cool' weather for some toamtoes...Oh far art thou : ) ?

Valley View said...

Mrs Duck

Don't get sucked in by the Gourmet Farmer - all is not as it seems. I have inside info that tells the "real" story. I'll tell you about it at the next bee meeting.

The Duck Herder said...

thank you dear bloggy friends! I am overwhelmed and giddy with attention! Mr BVVF, are you telling me that those hills and that rain and those mountains are not real!?

and presently working with some film makers, I can only imagine how "real" some of the actual events in the show are! but is it wonderful escapism.....I am not sure if I am going to let you blow my fantasy bubble.......will have to think about it! :-)

and does this mean you are actually going to make it to bee club?