Sunday, January 30, 2011

hot hot hot

hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

wilted duck.


jonesy said...

Wilted jonesy as well.:-(

Em said...

Duckie needs a duck pond! I have a kiddy swimming pool but the rim has to be blown up. With bubba squishing my lungs I barely have enough air for myself, let alone inflating a pool :'(

Marla said...

Come to Oklahoma. I am sitting in front of the fireplace while a blizzard blows in.

Hot, hot, hot, not, not, not.

Hey Duckie ~ Thank you for your sweet comments. I am glad we are friends. :-)

zed42 said...

Hello Ms Duck Herder!
I went looking for your wild plums today. I didn't find them (not surprisingly as I didn't really know what I was looking for), but I did find some not-quite-ripe apples and blackberries and had a lovely ride, for which I would like to thank you for inspiring :-)

The Duck Herder said...

Hello! hello everyone.

Bit cooler now Jonesy?
And Em - how lovely to hear from you........poor squished lungs......!

And Marla.......I heard it all got a bit Jerrabomberra out there in Oklahoma what with the snow n stuff......amazing.

And hello there girl with the curl! the plums are long gone - they only last a little while and then drop off the tree and rot down very quickly....are the blackberries ripe already?

bye lovelies.

zed42 said...

There were a few ripe blackberries, and lots and lots of not-quite ripe ones. And now there are a few less ripe ones :-D