Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Fat Whinge (rant warning)

So, like, I am getting organised and finally putting a floor in what was the bike / cat room and is now my office / special projects (wine, melomel, seed raising)/ cat room. We are even filling in the hole in the floor that the cats have been using to access the house for the past 7 years. (have we really had a hole in the floor for 7 years......)

Anyhoo, I need a better chair. Currently I just use a dining chair, but it really isn't the best for long hours at the 'puter......

I have no need for NEW office furniture - so far everything else is second hand, so it REALLY SHAT ME that second hand office chairs from the Ex Government Furniture place are AT LEAST $20 MORE THAN BRAND NEW BETTER QUALITY OFFICE CHAIRS FROM OFFICE WORKS.

I kid you not. The very bold young fellow at the counter said that if I paid him cash, he would only charge me $100 instead of $120.


Is it any wonder the planet is FULL OF CRAP?

I am fully taking the Office Works brochure into the Ex Govvie place tomorrow. %&#^ers.

there, rant over.

I do apologise.

Normal broadcasting about inane cute stuff will resume shortly.


rhonda jean said...

$#!$%*# @%$#%^$^@ !!

Marla said...

I feel ya my sistah!