Monday, January 10, 2011

Hooch Report

Things were getting a little crazy on the Cherry Melomel front.

It looked like it was getting on time to get all those cherries out. But first, I squished and crushed them so that all the juice and color could go into the melomel. After another day, I removed the cherries and drained everything into a new carboy, and closed it up and popped in an airlock. In total, the cherries were in the honey water for only 5 days.

There was still a lot of juiciness left in the cherries, so I squished them up some more in some fresh honey water, and got another 5 liters out. This didn't happen before they had sat around for another couple of days, so I have kept this lot separate in a 5 liter hooch bottle just in case it turns to cherry vinegar before we have had time to drink it. This lot we will drink first.

Both containers are bubbling away nicely, and noisily. Thats 30 liters of Cherry Melomel on its way.


Marla said...

This post is awesome. So awesome it made me want to go squish something into hooch.

rhonda jean said...

It's looking good! The bag is great too.


The Duck Herder said...

Thems was some serious bubbles. I wish you two were my neighbors - I would open a bottle any time you popped around. But I am not sure it is on the Daniel diet Marla, and with honey it isn't even vegan.......

Thanks Rhonda!

chin chin.

Marla said...

Well, the fast is only for 21 days and I am not really a Vegan. So save a bottle. Ha!

Duckie, thank you for your tender comment today. It seriously touched my heart, you lovely girl.