Friday, January 21, 2011

Lacuna Sabbath

WELL that was a bit hopeless. While I did very much enjoy all the attention from you lovely things out there in the internets, and WELCOME all you new folks from Marla's gratuitous vacuous and obvious slow day at the farm gaping hole of content, it's not like you were very helpful in helping a decision to be made. Whoever says internet polling is the rising star of social research has rocks in their head. In the end we had 7 votes for green and 7 votes for pink/deer/zebras/birds and one mutinous vote with the cat for the status quo. (Thats YOU Jonesy)

So we go for PRICE, which then makes the decision very easy, because the Echino fabric is somehow 1/4 of the price of the Surface Art fabric. So I ordered it on Wednesday night and it arrived TODAY and it is more lovely than I could ever imagine and there is enough to make me a skirt or perhaps even a frock or a bag or something lovely because Ms Duck, one only apparently needs 2 1/2 meters to cover a chair, NOT FOUR.

And darling Rhonda, may I ASSURE you the deer and the bird are dear friends, and the bird is either:

a) a wee bit tired while traveling in the same direction as dear deer, so is buming a lift (thats FUNNY, get it?) and dear deer is just saying "of COURSE my dearest friend, hop on board"


b) The dear bird is busy eating fleas and lice straight off dear friend deer's derrière, for which he (lets call him Bambi) is truly grateful.

Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it.

In other news, the Wild Plum Melomel is kind out of control at the moment too. I came home from work yesterday a bit hot and frazzled but a buzzy sneaky peaky glass of this stuff soothed my ruffled feathers just nicely.

Its almost time to take the fruit out methinks.

Thank you so much for visiting my silly blog. It is a worry, because I was / am a middle child and well, am / was completely STARVED of attention growing up so ANY attention turns me into a monster and well, I is just tellin' ya.

Duckie xx


Debbie said...

That was my pick and it does look so pretty, enough for something esle is a bonus. I am a middle child too so maybe all of us with blogs are middle children seeking attention,lol.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I understand being a middle child as I am/was one for my mother but the oldest child for father. No wonder I'm confused.

rhonda jean said...

I'm not convinced but if the chair gives you any trouble, you'll know the reason.

Jacqui and Mick said...

Fine, ignore my good advice then. If Duckie has her way, I'm sure it'll look fabulous. And with all the hooch happening over there it probably won't matter what it looks like after a few glasses of that there fermenting goodness!

A welsh pony, eh? We're on it.

PS Middle children...gotta love 'em

Nanette said...

That fabric looks even better in the big piece than the tiny snippet you showed's going to be a great chair. I think the deer is pretty surprised the bird's there, but is kind of saying ' whoa, you scared me, but welcome aboard anyway'

The Duck Herder said...

ha ha - you are all very funny!



Marla said...

This explains so much as I am also a middle child.

I LOVE your choice. Especially now that I know you are a middler too.

The Duck Herder said...

middle child middle child.