Tuesday, January 11, 2011

big love

It might be the last bottle of peach melomel from last year thats doing it, but no, really, its just life. I am just in love with life. (stupid hippy)

This afternoon my dear friend Rosemary and I rode through the windless misty rain to the lake and then around to the Oak Brasserie for lunch. Do you know it is bike path ALL THE WAY. We were soaking wet, but it was warm and beautiful and lovely. Me on Queenie of course, and Rose on her cute as a button stylish single speed. The Oak Brasserie is located near the lake, among heaps of huge trees. In summer it is green and lush and overhung with big shady trees and all that stuff. They have huge brollies, which was good because it helped keep the rain off us.

This was our first business meeting. We did some visioning (we both want to have an early well funded retirement), some goal setting (lets score a coupla awesome overpaid projects in a very meaningful area and each make $120,000 this year without working too hard), and organised an incentives scheme (see that gorgeous, amazing, red, incredible, huge urny water feature thingy at the Yarrolumla Nursery discounted from $1450 to $1250, well, if we make $100,000 then as a reward, we can each have one of those in our garden).

Business development has never been so much fun.

But seriously folks, the duck is in the last 10 weeks of her big project and underemployment is looming post March and I couldn't be happier. Rose and I are keen to pool resources and work together if any biggish projects come up but we are both free to keep working on our own or with our own contacts.

There have been some tentative offers of work, a few people sniffing around, but I have total faith that Bruce, the universe, the big kahuna will look after me just fine. Its taken over 12 years of project work but finally I trust completely that I kinda just need to breath and be present and still and that Bruce will sort everything out and bring me in contact with the people I need to know to do the work I need to do.

And thats why I love being alive so much.

But what about the frog? Well, here in the ONC, it definitely ISNT tree frog land, but here he is, hanging on the water tanks. I saw this big dark blob coming back from moving Queen Aprillia exactly 1 meter to the south and on closer inspection, it was this big fat cutie pie.

My heart goes out to everyone and everything who is suffering in Queensland in the floods, but it is so strange, La Nina is always so damply kind to us down here, where normally we would be parched. Welcome brother frog!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan, lovely!

Jacqui and Mick said...

ah Ducks, I love ya! And I know lots of good stuff is coming your way. You're right, sometimes you just have to sit with things and breathe. I know the feeling of a project coming to and end and...then what. I love your 'planning day' - sounds awesome. Nothing like a kindred spirit to help things along too. xx

PS I'm definitely checking out that cafe when we are in ONC next.

Marla said...

I am so happy for you Duckie. How wonderful to be happily content with life. That is a gift.