Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hot Nights, Wild Yeasts, Tame New Year & Yummy Peachcots

What a stinker it was today! There has been lots of microbial activity happening in the special projects room. Behold the bubbly wild yeast status of the cherry melomel this morning:

And this evening:

Go you little good things.

And here are the first and last peachcots of the season from our young tree. Yep, thats the entire crop. Lucky there were two - no fighting. They sort of tasted more apricotty than peachy.....and they look pretty apricotty too...except for the give away peach fuzz. Anyhoo, whatever they were /are - they were delicious.

Oh yeah, happy new year to y'all. Mr Duck and I rode the tandem up to the top of Duffy to watch the 9:00pm fireworks. My friend Eileen from the garden came too (not on the tandem) - we shared a bottle of my cyser from last year and munched on her homegrown silvan berries. Then it was down hill all the way home which was the really fun bit. Amen.


Debbie said...

I do love peachcots, my mum has a tree and this year it had a massive crop. I will have to have a go at making wine myself...maybe that can be one of my goals for 2011.

sherdie said...

Happy New Year lovely! Hope it's a good one for you. x

rhonda jean said...

Happy new year to you and Mr Duck, Duckie! May your demijohns overflow with cherry wine and your secret service conveyance take you on many a wild ride this year.

Von said...

Happy New Year Duckies.That brew looks exciting and has promise written all over it.Next year 4 peachcots.

The Duck Herder said...

thanks gorgeous things!

Marla said...

Happy New Year Duckie!!

I love reading about your simple life. Not that you are simple. Your life is so simple. In a good way.

Never mind.