Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Duck Herder Day Job

Hello there lovelies. Things are quite busy - racing through the last 7 weeks of this project. My chair is all finished and waiting for me out at Good Hope......but alas there has not been a big enough window of time to drive out there to pick it up.

Goodness I have a lot to write! In case anyone out there is interested in what a herder of ducks gets up to during the week.......we have a FILM! It has just been finished. It will be on youtube once it gets cut in half so it can fit into the 15 minute limit. (sheesh - 17 minutes, just 2 minutes over.....).....but in the meantime, if you don't mind downloading a 171 megabitey thingy is a link to the Groundswell blog and the City to Soil - become part of the solution film link. Enjoy......or stay tuned for the youtube upload.

If you do download the film, let me know what you think ok?



Jacqui and Mick said...

Good luck getting the project finished up Ducks - looks like it's been a huge success! Well done!

Marla said...

After several attempts to view your hard work, I must admit the truth. I am link challenged.

Can't wait to see it on YouTube.

Valley View said...

Okay, so I must be the first to see it. Well done, the content was rubbish - get it! But seriously, it was very good, kind of somewhere between a doco and an infomercial. Good for a general audience.

Music was good, but you had your hair all over your face!


The Duck Herder said...

thanks Jacqui! and you are very funny Mr BVVF, although "infomercial" is a BIT HARSH!!!!!!

Valley View said...

Sorry Mrs D, didn't mean to offend. When I did Phsyo Ops in the Army (did I tell you I was in the Army?) we were taught about how to get into the head of target audiences (I was in a horrible part of the Army).

I just found it a little confusing about exactly who you were targeting (councils, farmers, citizens or investment fund managers).

In the end I figured it was supposed to be an informative piece for a general audience.

So, I didn't mean an infomercial like you would see on the Shopping Channel.

The Duck Herder said...

hee hee, I was only joking! certainly no offense taken at all MR BVVF. you did mention SOMETHING about being in the army....or is it just your impeccable manners that makes one assume.......

the target audience is firstly councils and then whoever else.......
the brief was "this is what we did" and "hey we could do that too", if that makes sense.

I put my name down to do an evening at bee club stall at the show....Saturday night I think....or was it Friday. are you going?