Sunday, August 1, 2010

you gotta make your own

Hey duckie, this your new bike?........

So, not quite an original workcycles azor oma ......but with a lick of paint, some new wheels, new tires, an internal 8 speed hub, new crank set, possibly a longer stem, new brakes, chain guard and skirt shield, rack, baskets and bell I reckon it'll do. $20 from Tiny's Shed. Her name is Selina.

"hmm, cool bike"

The girls like her anyway.

PS - please notice lovely straw bale wall.

More evidence that the animals have taken over. Even though she is very big and fat Chu Chu feels the cold. She is able to open the lid of the laptop just that little bit more by herself, wake it up from sleep mode so it warms up and then well, sleep on it. And yes, she really is resting her head on the screen.


jonesy said...
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jonesy said...

Way to go Duckie, those old chrome molly frames are the best. Strip all the old steel gear of them and replace it with an alloy group set from ebay, and you have a bike that's the equal of anything in a bike shop today. I love restoring those old lugged frames and have done heaps of them.
A good place for bike repair information is here

Von said...

Please do not tell Em!!
Nice bike!Even nicer chooks.

Jacqui said...

clever puss (both of you) for being so resourceful :)

And yes fabulous straw bale wall!