Saturday, August 7, 2010

Community Garden

How beautiful and warm and sunny it was today. Folks at the community garden are already talking tomato seedlings, eggplants and peppers. I picked leeks, parsnips, parsley and nettles to add to a chicken soup and parsley, sage and rosemary for a herbal tea.

Here is the news in pictures from my community garden plot.

Compost piles. These were 54 - 56 degrees today!

Field peas and broad beans.

Espaliered apples and green manure.


that is all.


Von said...

Looking great!

Lucky-1 said...

Great photos Duckie:) Love the idea of a community garden.

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Von,Hi Lucky 1. Thanks! Lucky I am so lucky that the nearest community garden is only about 1200 meters away! And there is a bike path pretty much from my house to the gate :-)