Sunday, August 8, 2010

Princess Castle Update

Things were warm and pottery today. I put in some cabbage seedlings

And started tidying up the veggie bed. I am thinking snow-peas next.

This straw was carefully pre treated by the ducks while it was in their house, and is now being used to mulch the raspberries.

And here is another update on Mr Bacon Avocado. As you can see, he is going very very well in his little hessian house.


Von said...

Looking very Bacon Avocado-ish.
Pre-treated straw if the answer, it works wonders on most things.Nice Sunday.

Valley View said...

Mrs D

The photo of your new bike against the straw balewall is fantastic, I like the one with the chickens in it as well - they look like they were taken in some French provincal town. The light, colours and composition are excellent - very very nice



Grand Purl Baa said...

Gawd you've been busy. I'm exHAUSted.

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Von. Do you have any avocados growing at your place? I cant believe he is still alive. And yes, I agree, pre treated straw is the BEST.

Well Mr BVVF, that is high praise coming form such an accomplished and RECOGNIZED photographer as your dear self! Might I see you at bee club this week?

Well GPB, we can't ALL sit around knitting all day...... although it would be NICE and I totally support your efforts in this area! xxx

Valley View said...

I will bee there - provided nothing goes wrong at home between now and then (fingers, legs and eyes crossed).


Valley View said...

hmmmm, tap tap tap, hmmmmm.


The Duck Herder said...

i know I know!!!!!! I FULLY intended to come MR BVVF, but Mr Duck took the car to watch the international squash tournament and 4 hours later he was having so much fun he phoned and asked if he could stay longer as the mens finals was coming up and he sounded so happy so I let him keep the car and I stayed home....!!!!!

international squash tournament...see, I REALLY couldn't have made that up. Could I.

Greg Domjan said...

Chasing your Avocado posts, interested to know how it's going 7 years on, is there a chance of Avocado's in ONC?