Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Book of Awesome

Neil Pasricha was interviewed on Radio National the other day about his book "The Book of Awesome" and his blog: 1000 Awesome Things. Anyway, I laughed and laughed. How cool that someone is making life and money out of all the tiny wonderfully ordinary little cool things that happen each day. Neil Pasricha, I salute you.

He has collected all the usuals - you know, the universally awesome things like the feeling of cleaning out your ears with a cotton bud even though the packet says don't do it, getting the gauntlet of green lights, the car park fairy and all the rest. And some of them you will probably happily discover are universally awesome, not just privately you awesome. Awesome.

Ever since I have been PARTICULARLY noticing the little things and instead of my usual quiet "cool", I have upgraded my response to AWESOME.

Awesome things from this morning: (I know, so early and already awesomeness has struck)

  1. The first sip of the first cup of the first pot of tea in the morning
  2. Noticing your cat (the naughty one) quietly and confidently using the kitty litter in that embarrassed, self conscious don't look at me kind of way. (For me it is always a relief to be reassured that your cats continue to be perfectly litter trained)

In other news, the low chill flat peach has decided she has had enough of winter and is making a break for spring. What was I thinking getting a low chill variety for the ONC........but you go girl!

that is all.


Jacqui said...

thanks Duckie, this week I have forgotten the AWESOME things and I needed a little reminder xx

The Duck Herder said...

poor Jacqui! hope you get inundated by awesomeness all day!

Marla said...

I need to check his blog out. Thanks!