Saturday, August 14, 2010

Welcome home Selina

Yay. Here she is. All new. With a detachable basket don't you know. Selina passed her health and safety check with flying colors. She has new white walled tires filled with gue to stop them from puncturing, a newly tightened bottom bracket, a newly trued front wheel, adjusted derailer and shifters, new cables inside those lovely white casings and she rides and shifts and steers like a dream.

Total cost:
Selina: $20
Tires, basket and a general lovin': $200

She is too much fun to ride. I couldn't resist a few laps around the block in my skirt and boots. Thats the thing I love about Selina. I can ride her in whatever I am wearing - no special shoes or lycra.

I am thinking I will sell my road bike.......but keep my mountain bike because thats just too much fun as well. Selina is going to change my world, replace all those short drives whether I am in my work clothes or not, to pop down to the community garden to pick veggies, pop up to buy the paper...........

No more two sets of clothes to commute in. No more hunched over looking at only the road in front of me. No more having to change into my cleats and then hobbling around at my destination in my bike shoes. From now on I am fully clothed in my civilians, up right lookin' out at the view!

I love you Selina.


Toria said...

Nice looking bike. And your basket looks the same as the one my husband gave me for christmas last year. I'm still looking for some plastic daisies to decorate the front of mine with :-).

Grand Purl Baa said...

Go Ms Biker Duck Girl.

The Duck Herder said...

Hello Toria mountain lady. Thanks for visiting my little blog! And yay for baskets. I would like some plastic daisies too, I was thinking of crocheting some......


Marla said...

She's a beauty!