Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lacuna Sabbath

The Lacuna Sabbath came a day early today. I bought new shoes!

I took the lovely Selina in to the bike shop. Mal from Mal Adjusted thought she was delightful and he is sure they can easily fix her up.
We agreed she was a delightful color. I have been waiting on the phone call to say there is something expensive wrong with her, but it has been very quiet.

And in other news, the nice boys from South Pacific Hydroponics knocked me up an excellent stand for this big old flouro light the biggest hippy gave me. I can adjust the height of the light as the seedlings grow. This is very cool.

So in went some eggplant seeds.

From Franchi Italian Seeds: Melanzana "Violetta Lunga 2" and Melanzana "Prosperosa". From Phoenix Seeds: Eggplant "Diamond".

I don't know what it is about the Franchi seeds. They are imported from Italy. But the QUALITY is outstanding. Every time. No matter what. And you get HEAPS of seeds in each packet. They are worth every cent. They are my guilty delicious pleasure.

The Diamond eggplants are a Ukrainian variety. I didn't have much luck with them last year, my eggplant and capsicum seedlings got a bit damp and didn't thrive. So I will give them another try this season. Regular viewers will recall that Mr Duck is Ukrainian, so I like to pay homage to the mother country by growing Ukrainian and Eastern European varieties. The Ukrainians KNOW THEIR VEGGIES. This is why we have Black Russian and Black Krim tomatoes and 1000 varieties of beetroot.

I also put in a few swift and Siberian tomatoes. These are very early bush (determinate) varieties. Both around 50 days. My personal challenge is to have the first tomato ripe for Mr Duck Herder's birthday on 23rd November. You never know. These are not the main crop of course. Just something for fun. Its always a bit of a competition at the community garden to see who can get a ripe marty before Christmas.

I could only fit 1 1/2 seedling trays onto the heat pad, but I reckon the temperature should be OK for everything to germinate. I have been using the special projects room a lot to work in, so the heater vent is open in there, and the drying cuppboard is in there as well, so the room is pretty warm. It sure is a good use for this huge old light fitting.

OH, if you would like the contact for Phoenix Seeds, you need to ring or write to them for a cattle dog. The number is (03) 6267 9663 or PO Box 207, Snug, Tas. They have an excellent range of unusual veggie and herb seeds.

That is all.

Oh, I can't help it. These are my new shoes.

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Marla said...

Love all your gardening goodies almost as much as I love your new shoes. :-)