Friday, February 1, 2008

Lacuna Sabath

Not much of a Lacuna Sabath today - I had to go into Queanbeyan for work, BUT, here is a little someting from the garden that is giving me much joy at the moment - my baby magnolia tree didn't flower this year, BUT, here we are, in late summer - 4 blooms. I always forget what a stunning colour they are. They take my breath away. It is only a young tree, and it is in a challenging position, but hopefuly she will grow and grow and one day be spectacular.

And here is a bit of naughtiness, for Lucy C who missed the emergence of Mongo, the runtiest fluffy chicken ever. Mongo had just marched into the house through an open door and commenced eating the cat food. The sound of Mongo pecking in the cat bowl woke Poppet up who raced over to hunt Mongo away and start eating herself. So I gave Mongo some bread crumbs because he is so cute!

Also, I wanted to say thankyou folks for all your tea and sympathy about Maurice - thanks everyone. I miss that little fella lots. I am very grateful for all your kind posts and understanding. Thankfully no one else in the flock appears to be coming down with anything - so I remain hopeful. Prepared for the worst, but hopeful for the best, if you know what I mean.

Well thats it - Im off for bed.


Sherd said...

I still think of Poppet on the day I first met her...with the bucket on her head. I know it's bad but I still have a little chuckle at that.

Yay you, gorgeous.

Lucy C said...

Oh, I am envious of your baby magnolia.
And thanks for the photo of Mongo.