Friday, February 8, 2008

Cucumbers and Spaghetti Squash

This year the summer harvest has been much restricted. The move from the community garden to the agistment farm has not been without it's challenges. Actually, now that the threat of Level 4 water restrictions seems to have ebbed back into the darkness, I have decided to go back to the community garden. I miss my lovely wormy rich soil - and it's just gunna take too long to turn that paddock of sawdust into something comparable. I popped down the other day, and there is quite a bit of weeding to catch up on I can tell you that for free!

More about that later, but anyhoo, in the meantime, I have been growing as much as possible here at the princess castle. Now technically we are on a 1000 square meter block, but most of that is in reality a lovely green jungle forest, and there is not much room for garden beds. So we go UP!

For example, here is a lovely spaghetti squash zooming along the top of the 6 foot fence. I think the fruit looks like lovely lanterns. You can not see all the other things growing below it. What's all that crap on the fence you ask, well, that is left over from the infamous avocado shanty - the thing that started off this blog.

Funnily enough, all the mulch and poop and love lavished on the recently deceased avocadoes has created HEAVEN for cucumbers, silver beet, beetroots , Italian parsley and these new lovely beauties - spaghetti squash. (I have raved about these before)

And FINALLY, we are eating those amazing brandywine tomatoes. They are lovely. Why no pictures? Well, they just don’t hang around long enough to be photographed!

The bushes they grow on are VERY vigorous – and I have had one burst out of it’s trellis cage with the weight of the ripening fruit and rain we have been having. It seems to be coping OK with being a prostrate variety. But all the others are going OK.

But are they better than the old favorite grosse lisse? Jury is still out. Will let you know. Certainly the fruit seems a little more robust.

So what else is coming out of our little garden atm? Cucumbers, silver beet, beetroots (yum!), herbs, potatoes and basil,

I need to get my act together and start planting seeds for autumn. That is my goal this weekend: make up some seedling mix out of worm castings, sand, compost and coconut fiber, and GET SOME SEEDS IN YOU LAZY DUCK!


<> WeekendFarmer <> said...

Hi there...I love your blog! I love ducks: ) what kind of breed is Miriam? I have two pekins...but they are not laying : ( - so looking to expand into other breeds as well. Thanks!

The Duck Herder said...

Hello there weekend farmer! welcome! Miriam, Tabitha-Jemima and Amelia are Kakhi Campbells - and are EXCELLENT layers. Really truly - much better than even the chooks. They are mixed mothers - T.J is EXCELLENT -, but Amelia is young , stressed and impatient, so I guess you just have to be lucky.

cheers, duckie