Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What's new?

Anyone in the market for new cotton sheet sets might be interested in these little beauties:

Bargain of the week:
Queen Size Cotton Sheet Sets - $35 DELIVERED

Now that's a bargain.

I bought one set, and they arived the NEXT DAY. I was so impressed, I bought another two sets. So that should be us sorted for sheets for the next decade!

It can be very hard to find cotton sheets in the lovely earth colours I like, but here we are! purplish pink (what I would call a dusty pink) and coffee. yippee!

Other new things this week - Hydrogen Peroxide

This is my new wonder cleaning product. Imagine something that kills germs, sterilises cleaning cloths, cutting boards, kitchen bench tops and tooth brushes, and then breaks down into hydrogen and water, is safe for septics, and harmless for your garden or grey water system.

FABULOUS. I am just having a bit of trouble finding 1 liter bottles. It looks like perhaps hairdressing suppliers might be the way to go. Does anyone else use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning?


Sherd said...

Yup, we grew up with hydrogen peroxide as the standard disinfectant for any sort of wound (stops tropical ulcers etc) and to clean things. Only thing to look out for is bleaching of stuff that you don't want to get bleached.

If the hairdresser is no go, maybe ask the science labs at the uni where they get theirs from?

The Duck Herder said...

now what access do I have to science labs anywhere now that you have left town?

and yes, I am sure hydrogen peroxide is all beer, love and skittles untill your favourite shirt ends up with white spots.....

gary said...

Thanks for the link, Duck Herder. We bought two sets of the organic bamboo sheets yesterday.

Regards, Gary

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Gary - thats great - glad to help. I saw the bamboo sheets - they look lovely, and no doubt it takes less perticides to grow bamboo. Let me know what they are like if you get a chance?

mangoman said...

You can also use hydrogen peroxide as an additional tooth cleaner. Fill half a cap with the water and top up with hydrogen peroxide then swill in mouth for a few minutes. Don't swallow - although I did once and it didn't appear to do irreparable damage.

Cleans out bacteria and such that lurk about in gums and is said to reduce onset of cavities.

We found this one after the Sherd left us for other pastures and pursuits.

gary said...

Hello Duck Herder,

We've tried the bamboo sheets for a few days now and they seem fine. They are double layer thickness with stitches every 2cm or so in a square pattern. They're reasonably heavy - probably suited to cooler areas (such as ONC). We're not quite sure what they're made of because the pack said they were 100% organic cotton in a bamboo pattern - but we can't see any pattern. They weren't quite what we expected, but we're happy enough anyway.

Regards, Gary