Thursday, February 28, 2008

a day in the life......

Can you believe some people get paid for walking around landfills in bright yellow jackets and steel capped boots working out where to put super duper composting sheds, followed by lunch in a trendy cafe (different shoes), then a quick 80km drive through gorgeous farming country onto a lovely farm to work out where the "boutique" composting shed and leachate dam will go, followed by coffee in a trendy cafe in another country town......followed by a quick duck (no pun intended) into the office to make some phone calls and send some emails on the way home

I really love my job you know.....

and I get to work with such interesting people
people who know stuff
and who have done stuff

people who care about the environment, and are into SOLUTIONS rather than problems

I like those folks.

But is was COLD today. 15 degrees. plus WIND, and some sprinkles (not that I am complaining about those)

well, that is all.

Free-range-chook-living-in-tooti-fruiti-time out.


sherd said...


Sounds delightful.

Was the first trendy cafe by any chance the greengrocer and did you have the salads?

The Duck Herder said...