Monday, January 28, 2008

little machine

well, that little bread maker is getting quite a work out.

We are on to our third loaf (in there cooking now) This one will be gifted to Ma and Pa Duck Herder. Along with quite a few spaghetti squashes.

Last night, my family came over and I made pizza - the little machine makes pizza dough too!

The organic wholemeal spelt flour I am using is working just fine. I have been adding sunflower seeds and linseeds to the loaves and they are moist, fairly dense, but with excellent texture and flavour. mmmm hmmmmm.

In other news, it is hot hot hot here today - and windy. We went and watched the mountain biking (men and women's elite short course) up the road at Stromlo. Exciting, hot dusty stuff. Didn't make me miss racing though. Funny how only the spectators are smiling in those short races!

The new track is GREAT.

If I was good, I would have made another batch of face cream and sewn some broccoli, beetroot, onion and leek seeds. Instead, I have been mooching around watching Northern Exposure DVDs. Very naughty. But very relaxing. I think I cooked myself out there in the sun.

Apart from that, not much to report, except that Mongo has learnt to march inside the moment a door is left open, steal the cat food and poop on the wooden floor. Lucky he is tiny - if he was a poddy lamb he would be the one that ends up a violent rouge for sure.

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Lucy C said...

I think I missed something.
Who is Mongo?