Sunday, February 17, 2008

watcha-upto honey?

learning about bees.

Eric from down at the community garden keeps bees. He has three hives - two at the garden and one at home. Another friend of a friend keeps bees in his backyard too. At the growers market, the Mountain Creek Farm folks (grass fed moocows and free range pigs) have two types of honey - one eucalyt version from their farm, and a sweeter more floral version from their friends in town.
Eric says he will happily teach me the ways of the bees. He has lent me a book called "The ABC and XYZ of Bees". It is apparently the olde golde bible of beekeeping, and I am on the lookout for a copy of my own. This is my bedtime reading.
Hee hee. I am a bit allergic to bee stings, but I think they are clever and marvelous and wonderfull. We have lots of things growing in our garden already that they would like - honey locust, wattle, fruit trees etc. And I have something that could really use a bit of extra lovin' attention from the bees - those kiwi vines.
will keep you posted. Eric says he will give me a call next time he is going to open one of his hives, and I can come and talk to the bees too. I have been making friends with them while at the community garden, telling them that I am a friend and mean them no harm.

cool huh?

More about urban bee keeping here

And for ONC info and supplies - here

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Howling Duck Ranch said...

Interested to know how you're going with the bee keeping learning. I'm planning on trying it myself this spring (she said hopefully).