Wednesday, February 20, 2008

retail therapy

Well, its all been a bit rough these past weeks, what with the chicken plague and all. So to cheer me up, here is the autumn Eden Seed Order:

Herbs - Coriander - Cilantro - Slow Bolting
20g: 1@$4.40
Vegetables - Bean, Broad - Long Pod
Packets: 1@$2.80
Vegetables - Beetroot - Bull's Blood
Packets: 1@$2.80
Vegetables - Beetroot - Cylindra
Packets: 1@$2.80
Vegetables - Cabbage - Chinese Cabbage - Pak Choi - Kwang Moon-white Stem
Packets: 1@$2.80
Vegetables - Cabbage - Coir De Bue
Packets: 1@$2.80
Vegetables - Carrot - Chantenay Red-cored
Packets: 1@$2.80
Vegetables - Carrot - Danvers
Packets: 1@$2.80
Total: $24.00

well spent I reckon!


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Sound like great varities. I have only grown the danvers.

The Duck Herder said...

hello there new person! I look forward to trying the danvers - they are new for me.

thank you for visiting aunt debbi/kurts mom

Sherd said...

Woss a red-cored carrot? Is it what it sounds like? Cos it sounds pretty!

rhonda jean said...

nice list of seeds there, duckie. Chooks love chinese cabbage.

I forget to say earlier, I'm rebuilding my blogroll of australian blogs I enjoy, your's will be on it.

The Duck Herder said...

Hello Sherdie and MS Rhonda jean

They are nice sounding seeds - I agree! Sherdie I think the red cored carrots have, well, a red core. Like a spine running down the center of the carrot that is a little darker than the rest. I think they sound pretty too - and might just lend themselves to be chopped into circles to show off that little red centre.

And hello Rhonda Jean - thanks for visiting! I know you sound like you have been very busy indeed!