Sunday, February 17, 2008

Duckherder Day

some photos from yesterday.....

scarlet runner beans - finally fruiting.

brandywine tomatos ripening

Where Mr and Mrs Duck Herder (and anyone else who pops in) hang out in summer (and winter - oh the joys of good solar orientation and deciduous trees!)

and from this evening.......

(drum roll please.........)

My new compost heap! Mixed weeds, old leeks and lawn clippings - carefully layered gelati style.

And, a new bed-in-waiting for potatos next spring.

This evening I finished weeding one of my plots at the community garden after a long long break. It has taken about three sessions - but very cathartic and therapeutic work. The section you can see above has all the weeds (mostly grasses) laid on top, and then covered with lawn clippings. These are left at the community garden by landscapers and comercial gardeners for us to use.

The next step will be to sprinkle on some blood and bone, and then perhaps top the whole thing with some straw I have left over from the Murrumbateman Field Days. Plots at the community garden are 9 meters by 5 meters. SO all up, I have two 45 square meter plots, and an extra 9 square meters from the one meter path running between them. This first plot is divided into three by two little paths just wide enough for me to get the wheel barrow down.

This section will give me just over 10 square meters of potatos - which should be plenty! The rest of the plot includes my lovely compost heap, and lots of space for autumn planntings - onions, garlic, kales, cabbages, brocoli, parsely and corriander. I am even feeling bold enough to try carrots again - I have never had much success with these. Oh, and another lot of spinach and beetroot, if I can get them in before it gets too cold.

that is all

PS - sorry about spelling - spellchecker still on the blink...


TheCrone said...


Another inspiring blog for me to read and sustain my gardening momentum!

I am trying damp hessian over my carrots this time around to see if that keeps the moiture levels 'just right' for them to grow.

The Duck Herder said...

hello thecrone!

now thats a good idea - I will give that a try too I reckon.....


dilly dalley said...

Someone in our community garden uses shade cloth over her carrots and has quite a good success rate. I myself have never had much success with germination of root crops - sow too deep, too close together, soil not fine enough, not wet enough - who knows?? I might try those cloth options. I suppose its fairly critical that you notice the germination and pull the cloth off though. Let us know how you get on.

The Duck Herder said...

hello there dilly dalley! when did you find my blog?

I have prepared a nice couple of carrot beds, and am just waiting for the weeds to germinate after this lovely rain, so I can rake them in and give the carrots a try - I think the wet hessian is the way to go, and perhaps a nice row cover for untill they get their little roots down.

will let you know!