Saturday, January 26, 2008

look what I got!

Hee hee. I can hear it kneading now - "punching down" actually.

Recently and in my nicest voice I asked the universe if she would please be so kind and generous as to organise a bread maker for me. A bit of research suggested that a Breville ULTIMATE Baker's Oven might be the go.

Now my personal view is that the universe lovingly supports all things elegantly frugal, and the fact that my parents in law just happened to have the EXACT same model, purchased 10 years ago, and not used for about 5, still in the box, complete with instruction booklet, and because it is so old, MINUS the annoying "BEEPING" that seems to turn some folks against the new version just goes to show I could be right!

Yay - I love my life! A new toy - without spending. Reusing - the first principle of reducing consumption and waste.

Our first loaf is in there now. I have used organic wholemeal spelt flour and added some flax seeds. So far so good, the spelt seems to have risen OK. Hee hee.

hee hee

BLOG UPDATE! The bread is just perfect. We have eaten the whole loaf. Hooray.

Lovely organic spelt bread EVERYDAY. yippee


sweetpea said...

i have this gave up the ghost last winter ...Excellent reliable braed maker it was .
Made great pizza dough and jam .....

The Duck Herder said...

Hello Melissa Sweetpea! Happy new year to you.

It is a GREAT little machine - I have made 3 delicious loaves, and pizza dough - and it works really well.

Are you going to get the same model again?

Lucky-1 said...

Hey Duckie:)

I too have just needed to buy a new bread maker and after having a Breville for over 5 years, I too have bought the same model you have.

I love the auto add fruit button:D

I make
dinner rolls
finger buns
sweet buns
hot cross buns (at the right time of the year)
fruit loaf

and other goodies I can't think of at the moment:D

Sure is nice missing the bakery section in the stupidmarkets:D

The Duck Herder said...

oooh! do you have a recipe for fruit loaf?

I think I am IN LOVE with the little bread maker!

Lucky-1 said...

Yes I do duckie.... check out the book for a "Rich Fruit Loaf" I also add to this a teaspoon of ginger and cinnamon. I use sultanas, glazed cherries and mixed peel as the fruit in the loaf.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have your spelt and flax bread recipe. Did you try it for a pizza crust too??