Thursday, January 24, 2008


Poor Maurice. Today I did something very grown up and scary - I killed Maurice.
He has been very sick for over 2 weeks, and we have been giving him vitamin C injections every day for the last 8 days, the odd VAM injection, and washing his eyes out with salt water three times a day for 16 days.
He just wasn't getting better, and this afternoon when I got home, he was sort of nodding off a bit, and I decided that enough is enough, the poor little thing. Poor emaciated, gummy eyed, messy and untidy Maurice - Shadow of his former flamboyant Fabio self.
This was the first time I have actually killed a chook with my own bare hands. I don't think I like it very much and certainly won't be in a hurry to do it again........
I give myself 2 out of 10 for technique, and 9 out of 10 for courage!

and I had a big sob. (understandable methinks!)

I was scared I would regret it afterwards, but I actually feel a little bit relieved. It was very sad seeing Maurice looking so unwell. I just hope no one else in the flock comes down with what ever it was that Maurice had. Extra garlic and sulphur for some time to come methinks.

To cheer us up and to remind everyone that Maurice has left a wonderful legacy of over 20 little fluffies from his one and only breeding season, here are some photos of his last batch, taken today.

Look at all those baby Maurices! (unfortunately, not a feathered middle toe amongst them!)

I will see how they go, and hopefully keep a few.

And here is another picture with "Mongo" in the back left (named after Mr Duck Herder's extremely tall friend Mr Mongesten) the bold little fella we kept from the last batch - of still indeterminate sex - runt of the litter so to speak - tiny - completely useless for breeding, but so bold and friendly s/he runs up and leaps onto your lap, arm or legs demanding food.

Oh, I forgot to mention that one of Maurice's last acts of greatness was to win his category (the only fluffy roo!) in the Backyard Poulty Online Poultry Show! I think it will be a while before I can look at any of his lovely pictures.......

Poor old Maurice.


AL said...

You are a brave girl, my friend. I am so sorry about Maurice...only ever heard good things about him, and I am absolutely certain he had the best life a fluffy roo could ever have, with you. Love AL

Sherd said...

oh, little hippie, I'm sorry to hear about Maurice. And killing him with your bare hands - hfs indeed.

But look at those Boris Becker babies! His legacy definitely lives on.


The Duck Herder said...

Thanks guys. :o)

Poor little Maurice - he was such a gentleman.

baringapark said...

How brave you are...such an act of kindness for your fluffy friend - hugs