Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a pox on your rooster!

What's up with poor old Maurice?

Looks like he has either:

a) a bad cold

b) fowl pox (GAWD!)

c) something else

His magnificent Fabio mane is yucked out with puss. His eyes are all gross and full of puss. He smells sick, and has lost weight. (I will spare you the photos.....)

So, I have separated him and am bathing his face and eyes with colloidal silver and water, and feeding him water with injectable vitamin C and colloidal silver with a 3 ml syringe. I think that the injectable Vitamin C is a FABULOUS thing to keep in the fridge - along with some 3 ml syringes. They come in very handy if you have a dehydrated or unwell chookie or duck or if you need to bath a wound or something.

This afternoon he was still dehydrated and listless, so I bathed his face and gave him fluids again.

I also picked up some of his favourite food (cracked corn for some reason - he just loves it).

This cheered him up a little, and he even ate a bit. He also managed a sad little crow this evening.

His eyes are still gummy, and he is still a little snuffly, but the crow and the snack are good signs methinks.

Poor old Maurice - I feel guilty that I didn't notice he was unwell before now. I had noticed that he was staying in bed late each morning, but thought this was because he couldn't cope with 2 wives, 1 adolescent child and 10 babies vying for space downstairs each morning until I let them out.....
Get well soon Maurice!


Lucy C said...

Don't be too hard on yourself.
That can get sick very quickly.
And go down hill fast.
Hope he picks up soon.
I have ducklings and have posted photos.
Soooo cute!

rhonda jean said...

You're giving him good care now. Get well soon Maurice!