Saturday, January 12, 2008

hospital visits

Maurice is improving. I am not sure what is wrong with him - one of his eyes is still quite goozy. The other one is much improved and he seems to be happier though.

I found an online diagnostic tool for chook diseases at but I couldn't find anything conclusive. Methinks it is some kind of respiratory disease - but I have no idea what. He could just have a good old fashioned case of flu or conjunctivitis. Who knows.

Keeping him separated from the others in this heat has been tricky. He has sort of been in quarantine - sort of because the others just find out where he is and camp beside him - keeping him company. I am taking this a testament of his status as a loving benevolent dictator.

While no doubt a disaster for infection control procedures, it is very cute and I am sure that Maurice is all the happier for the company.

The black hose is from the washing machine.

In other news, the crocheting is coming along slowly. Here is a practice run of double stitch. I am also practicing half treble.

My big problem is working out which stitch to start with in a new row. My biggest "doh" moment is working out that to help keep the sides neat, I need to do the extra chain stitches at the END of each row and THEN turn around. This has helped heaps.

It seems that half treble and treble stitches are used because they are quicker, but looser or "holier", and that double stick provides a slower but more dense piece? IF there are any experts out there who know about these things, I would welcome your comments. The book I am using to learn just give instructions, it doesnt talk about WHY you might use a particular stitch over another.......grrrr.

And about that farm? I feel very sad and flat. I know these feelings will shift in their own time, but I feel hopelessly sure we will never find as lovely a farm and I am wishing things were different.



Eilleen said...

I hope Maurice is better now. Poor chookie.

I also think that the perfect farm will be out there for you and when you find it, everything will fall into place.

...hey who knows perhaps you will end up living near me and I get to pick your brains over how to set up a vege garden!

The Duck Herder said...

Not so good news about Maurice heh....

And I would happily help you set up a vege garden anyway!

And I know that there is a little farm for us out there some day in the right time.

Thanks eilleen

Anonymous said...

Found your blog as a beginning crocheter - useful tip about chaining before turning, thanks!