Monday, September 1, 2008

winter harvest

Spring has sprung!
The grass has ris'
I wonder where the birdies is?
The bird is on the wing
... but that's absurd!
I always thought
The wing was on the bird!

Author? who knows - but my sister and I used to sing this poem over and over again on long car trips - Dad thought it was hilarious, but I bet my Mama wished he'd never taught us!

Just in case you were worried this was turning into a crocheting blog, we return to the main focus of my duck herding existence - the growing of vegetables, and the celebrations, jubilances and joys associated with said growing ons.
What does a late winter ONC garden have to offer friends and family of the duck? Apart from nettles, parsley, coriander, silverbeet and Chinese cabbages, we have enormous leeks, humongous beetroot and resplendent carrots.
What's that you said?.......
Yes, CARROTS!!!!!!!! Finally the 38 year carrot drought is over, and I can declare loud and proud that finally the duck herder has been able to grow CARROTS! Danvers to be precise. And how beautiful, sweet, flavoursome and HUGE they are. All bums and no tops - what perfect little carrots they be.
This lot went into a lovely big pot of soup with a hock bone, some garlic, onions and potatoes, bay leaves, parsely, corriander and of course, NETTLES.
And who came for lunch? Why the Mountain Man, his beautiful family, and the Rocketeer and her new beau. A loaf of freshly baked bread, a batch of muffins, and voila - lunch is served!
.....have I mentioned how much I LOVE my garden?


Kim McBirnie said...

Wow! Love your blog. I'm in the UK and number one on the local waiting list for allotments, I can't wait to be growing all my own vege. Your soup in the earlier post looks absolutely delicious, we have loads of nettles round us as we are quite rural, so am keen to try cooking with them. Any tips for gathering / handling?! Will definately be adding you to my favorite blogs!

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Kim
Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my little blog and for saying such nice things! How lovely to be soon getting an allotment plot - I also do much of my vegie gargening at a community garden (the aussie version of an allotment system) and it is lovely to spend time with other folks who share that interest.

Yay for nettles! They are truly natures gift! I did a little ode to nettles last month - here is the link here - that talks about how to harvest them safely:

I am looking forward to trawling over your blog too - it is always so lovely to make new bloggy friends.

hope your name comes up very soon for a plot!

duckie xxx