Friday, September 19, 2008

life 'n nstuff

I think I am getting better at this life thing. I seem to be getting better at this whole surrender thing too.

Little Miss Over Achiever still clicks her high heels and purses her red lips at me from time to time...(which is hilarious now that I get to wear hi vis and steel caps to work rather than suits and lipstick) but I am getting better at remembering to UNwind, UNcoil, UNclench, EXhale.

It has become a bit of a spiritual practice - remembering to bring my naughty puppy mind gently back here, to what I am doing NOW, to the task at hand.

Luckily this action is it's own reward, because I get to do it many many times a day.

This requires TRUST. Trust that the universe supports this kind of awareness. That being in the NOW, being PRESENT with who and what and where I am right now, is EXACTLY all that is required.

Having a beautiufl garden full of trees and vines and veggies and flowers and ducks and chickens and a cat helps. It is easy to be present when you are in paradise.

I think I might have said it before, but being present means that you become more present....and being more present means your life becomes full of PRESENTS.


now what did that guy Lao Tzu say......

to the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders........or something like that.

good night.


Killi said...

Me wants presents! I got a present for a dear friend who went on a 4-day trip over 3 weeks ago! Are my presents that bad?!

Sherd said...

As always, tdh, you are awesome.

The Duck Herder said...


and how is that nice young architect going?

sherd said...

not too bad. not too bad at all.