Friday, September 26, 2008

riddle riddle me

Riddle riddle riddle me
A platypus I be
And never was there ever
such a mixed up bloke as me

I've a brown fur coat like a cat
And a tail thats very flat
With a bill like leather
I'm a very funny fella
And you can't say fairer than that

I like to get up in the morning
When the sun is shining bright
Stay in my burrow
For the rest of the day
And get up again at night

(get up again at night!)

Late news, Pa Kettle/Mountain Man/The Cougar and I were having lunch on the bank next to the Queanbyean River this week. We had already seen a native water rat (he's always there) and Mr and Mrs Swan with their two baby signets.....when suddenly there he was - a little platypus swimming around in the reeds on the edge of the river.

Very cute.

First one I have ever seen.

......they really do have duck bills!

and Mr Duck Herder is getting very bored with me singing the platypus song over and over again.

1 comment:

Lucy C said...

Wow...good spotting.
They are not easy to see.
There is a place in Berrima where they are quite common but I never saw one.