Friday, September 26, 2008

Backyard Rompy Pompy

This time of year it is all about sex. Fruit sex to be precise.

Fruit sex and the BIG questions.

Big questions like.........

Will the male kiwi vine blossom in time to fertilise the female kiwi vines?

Is my golden kiwi fruit seedling a boy or a girl?

Do I need to buy an earlier male?

Will Kosui the Nashi catch up in time to have nashi sex with with Hosui who is already in full flower?

Will Kevin Goldmine, the new nectarine tree, self pollinate this year?

What kind of pollinator should I buy my greengage plum next winter?

And in other news, there are 8 eggs in the incubator which should be hatching out tonight or tomorrow. The sooner would be better, as I have another 59 eggs sitting here ready to go in as soon as the others are out.

yep, thats right - 59.

Thats 1 dozen Indian Game Bantams (WOOHOO - walking roasts!) and 1 dozen salmon faverolles.

And for other folks (I seem to have suddenly become a hatching service) 2 dozen Pekin Bantams and 11 (oops) black Indian runner eggs.

My only concern is that I will get then all mixed up and won't be able to tell them apart! (except the ducks that is...)


Melinda said...

LOL at the procreation in your backyard! I'm flat out trying to get seedlings in and growing!

Um, are you planning on selling any of the Favorelles? I've been looking for a breeder around Canberra and haven't found one yet.

The Duck Herder said...

Hello there Melinda :o)

The Faverolles are just beautiful arent they! I got the eggs from a fellow up in Proserpine in QLD - so they have traveled a long way.

I candled them last night, and out of 12 eggs, only 8 are developing, and of these, one is a little dodgy (possibly a bacterial ring) so I am not sure how many I will end up with, but will let folks know if I have any for sale. Sending eggs by plane always knocks them around a bit - It seems to drop the hatch rate right down to 50% or less.

Anyhoo, thank you for visiting my little blog. and it is nice to find a fellow faverolle fanicer!

oh, you can look on for eggs and chookies. Also, there is a faverolle discussion board in australia - perhaps try a search - they have a notice board with sales etc.


Melinda said...

Good luck with the rest of the eggs. :-)

Thanks for the link too. I recall reading somewhere that Favs are becoming a rarer breed, I hope they don't as they are beautiful birds.