Friday, September 5, 2008

Lacuna Sabbath

As many of you know, the Lacuna Sabbath (Fridays) is for mooching in the garden. Today I spent some time down at the community garden, getting a plot ready for potatoes. I am not sure if it is too early to plant them, but they are sprouting like mad, so I guess I may as well get 'em in.

I notice from other years that even if they get nipped by the frost, they soon bounce back. This bed has had a huge compost heap on it, so I just cleared away the top bit and dug some lines. I will use the left over mulch from the top of the compost heap, along with some straw etc, to cover over the bed once the 'taties are all nicely planted. I think I will use some potash in the holes just like Peter Cundall suggested - will get some tomorrow on my way down.

I know lots of folks normally just plant potatoes under the mulch, but mine always do better if they are in the soil. The stay moister down there I reckon.

There is heaps of broccoli happening at the moment - and asparagus on the way (hooray!)

Closer to home in the back yard, where it is a bit warmer, the broad beans are flowering like crazy.

My three year old white peach seedling, planted at the community garden, gifted from my friend Phil from down at Nowra, is taller than me and covered with flower buds. I gave her some extra attention today - with a bag of compost from work and some new mulch.

Life is so beautiful!

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