Thursday, October 18, 2007

working from home

Tuesday and Wednesday I went in to my little office in Queanbeyan to catch up with some colleagues and in theory, to work like a Trojan on the business plan.

Well, it was lovely to have cups of tea and chats with people, but the computer systems were playing up, and the server was soooooo slow. At one stage it took 45 minutes just to open an XL spreadsheet.

By late yesterday I could feel the stress bubbles starting to rise! I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about work - just like I used to. This was VERY battery hen like and most un-free range chook like. The tutti fruiti time decree is that night is for sleeping, not worrying about work.

This morning I woke up early, meditated and 7.30am found me ploughing away from my home office, up to my armpits in business plan. Suddenly it was 11:00am and perfect time for a cuppa and a trip out to see the chookies. I then jogged down to the community garden to let the big chooks out.

After a quick bite to eat and some more chicken love, I got back into it working solidly through to 5.00pm, where I stoped and zipped into town to buy some more chook food.

I got HEAPS done. HEAPS and HEAPS and HEAPS. It suits me so well to work from home. I just need to remember that next time I start feeling frazzeled.

I am a free range chook living in tutti fruiti time again! yeah!


gary said...

It's good having the flexibility to be able to work from home. I work in an office but occasionally work from home where the system speeds are better and the environment more conducive to getting stuff done.

Telecommuting has a lot going for it - if you can do it.

Regards, Gary

The Duck Herder said...

Welcome Gary!
The lovely thing about people delurking is that I get to find really cool blogs! I look forward to reading through your postings Gary. There are a lot of us elegantly frugal down shifterish sustainability folks out there - lurking around on the internets huh?! bring it on and keep it up I say.

tdh :o)