Sunday, October 14, 2007

Murrumbateman Field Days

sheesh. It is very tiring talking to folks all day! And now I have to go and do it all again.

Yesterday I went to the Murrumbateman Field Day to help Joe sells his cool mobile chook runs. The weather was lovely, and this year, folks seemed more positive and less cranky than last year. Even thought the drought is still raging, it felt like people were chatty and happy and positive. EVERYONE loves chooks! And I met lots of lovely folks who have disappeared out of town and want to get chookies or who perhaps after having their flocks decimated by foxes, are keen to get a run that is fox proof (enter Uncle Joes Mobile Chook Runs!)

Lots of folks in town were looking at getting chooks as well. I see this as a good sign that people want to be more elegantly frugal! I also think it is the most wonderful thing a parent can do for their kiddies too. Chooks made great pets. Ah yes, but I am preaching to the converted here on this issue I know!

AND, I was the only one that sold a chook run!

The other exciting thing that happened is that I could have sold 1 million silkies 1 million times over! Everyone wants them. So now I have a list of people to call when ever I have silkies available. Next year, I will breed up for the Field Day so that even though I don't get paid, I can use Joe's gorgeous chook runs to show off my silkies and sell them all while I am there selling his runs!

Alyson did the same thing yesterday but with her new book.

So even though we were super busy all day, we had fun, sold a chook run, had heaps of interest, and Alyson sold a few books too.

Here is a picki of Joe doing his spiel - EVERYONE wants to see what is in the boudoir of a chook run!

And here is my little instand no dig garden showing off Joe's Veggie Row Covers/Chook Run Extentions. It really was a no dig garden, because all I had was a bucket of worm castings, some straw and some sad punnets of seedlings rescued from the supermarket but no tools!

And when I got home, I gathered up the four silkie bubs into a box ready to be picked up by their new owners. And when I finally got inside, there was another message on the phone from some friends saying their kids had saved up all their pocket money, and that if I had any left they would like to buy some silkies!

So I had to ring them to say "sorry, none left! but hopefully I will have more hatching tomorrow". In the mean time, the kiddies can come down and see then when they are really little and watch them grow. I am not sure their little four year old will want to wait 8 weeks though!

Is there really a market in such ridiculous chooks?

Oh, Mouse Plauge Update: One more body! Yay!

Did I mention that Jenni's eggs are due to hatch today or tomorrow?



Rhonda Jean said...

it's a positive sign that the people were interested in chooks and chookery.

Good luck with the hatchlings. : )

Lucy C said...

You certainly had a fun day.
Those chook runs look very clever.
Especially the watering system.

Bare Bones Gardener said...

Pah Silkes are two legged guinea pigs aren't they lol..... At least as far as kids are concerned...

The Duck Herder said...

Hee hee. Thanks lovely ladies for your comments!

Lucy C - Joe makes the most lovely brooder boxes if you are interested! There is a picture of a short one with a rabbit in it on his website - the brooder box is about twice as wide (same depth). And comes with the cool waterer and automatic feeder. I WANT one, but unlike you with your current hyperducklingness, can not justify it at all!

Hi lovely Rhonda Jean, you would have been very heartened at all the folks interested in chookery - lots of older ladies who have a little bit of lawn and were just thinking it would be nice to have a couple of hens. yay!

Hello there BBG! The kids love the silkies, but I reckon that the pekins are even better for little ones, as they seem to just sit there for hours being pawed and kissed. none of my silkies would tollerate that at all!

melissa said...

OHOHOHOH ..I saw you ..(I think the morning -lunch time )..we looked at the 'you beaut' chook runs and admired the real chooks in them !!
we went for a bit of a look ..we didnt make it too henty this year .Wish i'd have known .

The Duck Herder said...

hee hee
Hello Sweetpea! It would have been lovely to have met you in person!

I hope you had a good day.

Next year huh?!