Monday, October 15, 2007

widdle babies

It sure is good being a free range chook living in tutti fruiti time. *grin*
Today I woke up still exhausted from the weekend, and because of the above, I can just send a few emails and decide to start the working week tomorrow. * double grin*

So today I had not one but TWO nanna naps. In between kips I snuck out to check on how Jenni and her little brood were going. So far, 7 little chicks have hatched with some more pipped and on their way. Clever Maurice has thrown 100% feathered middle toes *swoon*. Best $40 I ever spent!

At this stage the chickies look like perhaps a mix of silvers and all whites.

Here is a little nest of cuteness all at various stages of fluffing out. You can see the little white one is still a bit wet.

Well, that's it for the fluffies.
Other things that happened today was another mousie body. *yay*
I also mixed up another batch of homemade shampoo. This time I have tried cutting right back on the glycerin - 1/4 tsp in 300 mls liquid, and adding 1/2 tsp of olive oil. Will see how it goes.


Lucy C said...

Oooh Aaaah.
Birthday twins.
Everybody who is anybody is hatching today!

Lucy C said...

PS. If you want to know where my Bantam Saxony's came from then just PM me on BYP.
The breeder is in Goulburn.

Sherd said...

tdh, you are keeping me sane! Please keep it up!!

Jill said...

They are soooo cute, in the last photo, the one on the right, you should call Grumpy! He is the cutest of all!

rhonda jean said...

lovely photos of the fluffies.