Sunday, October 14, 2007

Murrumbateman Field Days - Day2!

Double Sheesh!

Well, after my stunning performance yesterday, Joe and Alyson sold 5 runs before I even got there this morning. So that's me, back down the bottom of the spruiking pile!

I did get to do lots of happy small child stuff chaperoning Strawb (short for Strawberry Blond) ensuring that no little person squeezed her head off or ran away with her. Don't laugh - it has happened - the running away bit I mean.

Anyway, Strawb is quite happy to sit up on top of her run, showing off, sunning her self and being subjected to the adoration of numerous small childers. And children find her just captivating. I think Strawb sells more chook runs than anyone. When she gets sick of the attention she just hops down and marches off. That's our cue to scoop her up and pop her back in with the others.

She is often quite sticky by the end of the day from all those little ice cream paws.

And here is Jenni! Her little eggs were tapping this morning, and it looks like one has pipped the shell. But no one is out yet. It was hard to get a good looks because she was FURIOUS that I should even try to look.
hee hee, how exciting! Baby Maurici! It is probably a good thing that I am COMPLETELY trashed from being in the sun and wind and having to talk to people all day otherwise I probably wouldn't sleep a wink tonight.
Lots of families and older folks today. All keen to get chooks. GO THE CHOOKIES! CHOOKS FOR EVERYONE i say!

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