Friday, October 26, 2007

Lacuna Sabbath

*yay* This lacuna sabbath will be a double cellebration - a day of mooching AND rain - the real stuff, overnight. hooray! Must have been the 6 bales of straw we left stacked out in the open that brought the storm on. Will remember than next time.

While daylight saving was not designed for dairy farmers, I think it will be of some benefit to rooster owners. Maurice is starting to drive us a bit nutty with his very early crowing. (watch out Maurice!)

Having completed an early morning mug of tea holding inspection of the garden, I can report the following:

  • Despite late frost and many bare branches, there some some mulberries ripening up (mostly out of reach).
  • Marionberries (or are they kerriberries?) are doing very well indeed. Fluffy chickens have stolen all young fruit within fluffy chicken reach (not very far) but happy to share.
  • There are good signs for a modest raspberry harvest
  • Avocados - complete disaster. Will replace with hardy berries and perhaps one more kiwi.
  • Kiwi vines - lots of flower buds on male vine. So far, only a few on one of the females. Hopeful, but not holding breath.
  • Nashis - the earlier budjump problem has resulted in a no-nashis-this-year year.

Something has eaten my young dill plant. Other herb plantings are going well. Parsley lovely but older stuff going to seed. Brandy wine tomato seedlings going well. Have put some more seeds in to get a second round. Silver beet coming along well.

Reasonable for such a young garden methinks. It is good however, that we are only playing at being self sufficient, and that there is money for food!

Amelia the youngest duck is sitting very tightly on a little clutch of eggs. Second week in I think. I have pulled out most of the eggs so that we do not suddenly have 23 ducks in the backyard. She is AMAZINGLY aggressive - much more than her lovely mother. I am most impressed with her clever instincts. Clever Amelia.

More reports as news comes to hand.


Lucy C said...

23 ducks!
Now that would certainly be a lot!

Phelan said...

Lucky you. We had a very late winter storm here killing all our fruit and berry buds. There is nothing in our region.

23 ducks are a lot. We had ducks last year. All of them truned out to be male, they were drowning our hens in their attempt to mate. We had to get rid of them. We have geese, and have thought about trying our hand at ducks again this spring. We will see.