Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pestilence & frugal elegance

Mouse plague update:
One deceased body
Hopefully the rest of its family missing presumed dead.
The furtive rustling when I go into the glass house seems to have stopped. Poppet is still keen though.

Earwig plague update:
Earwigs wrongfully blamed for decimating seedlings in glass house. These crimes appear to be purely rodentine in nature.

So, no longer a problem in glass house, but VERY big problem in garden. Have started munching bean seedlings. Have "bagged" clumps of Italian parsley in effort to save them. Bit hard to do this with beans. They are even munching the rhubarb leaves!

Garlic/Chilli spray? Perhaps. Ideas anyone?

Natural, Hippy, Lovely, Super Homemade Shampoo Update

This morning I made shampoo and re made a conditioning spray. I used freshly picked nettle, comfrey and rosemary to make the base. As I sit here, my drying hair is wafting up lavender. It was lovely to use, lathered up nicely and I think may double up as a gentle face and body wash. The new improved conditioning spray seemed to work well (less glycerin this time!) and made my hair easy to brush while wet. Will see what happens when it is dry.

I am also sipping the left over nettle, comfrey and rosemary tea.

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Killi said...

Recipes for shampoo please. Annon read your post about acv conditioner & sent me out to buy her a spray bottle that would take smallish quantities ~ an expense well justified with a daughter whose idea of brushing her thick long blond hair is the top & sides only. We haven't cleared her dreadlocks by any means, but her hair grew 2 inches in the untangling yester evening! She loves her little brown bottle of magic potion ~ thank you for encouraging her (Mumma knows nothing until others confirm that she isn't quite as mad as it would appear!)