Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Stuff

free embroidery design from http://www.needlecrafter.com/

Well the duck herder is officially famous. yup. I have made it into "Inside Waste" magazine. Actually the project is famous. But still, it is the little things. There is nothing like finding folks who get the whole organics back into agriculture closing the loop thing. I think the editor liked the fact that I confessed to loving compost windrows perhaps more than anything. Luckily he didn't print that bit.

In other news, finally finally the tomatoes cometh in more than dribs and drabs. A WHOLE buckets worth yesterday. Now that's more like it. Enough of blackberry jam - bring on the relish! Last year was the year of the Brandywine. This year it's all about the Ukraine and surrounds. Today we give thanks for Black Krims and Black Russians and all the other gorgeous purple, green, black and dark burgundy tomatoes. Naturally we also give thanks for vodka - the other special thing from the Ukraine. Oh, we also give thanks to the Ukraine for half my beloved's genetic material.

The garden is loving us atm. We havnt bought veggies or fruit for weeks and week. I have the most AMAZING salads each day. There are two chooks laying now so we have eggs.

The young chooks are maturing nicely. The Big Fella is definitely a girl faverolle - probably too darkly marked for the standard, plus wrong number of toes, but she is lovely and sweet and quiet. I declare her an excellent introduction to the breed and I look forward to trying again next year to get a few more faverolle eggs to hatch at great expense and extravagance.

Poor old Charlotte the oldest crankiest red chook is feeling a bit down atm. She goes through stages where she gets all droopy, her perky comb goes all blue at the ends and she just sits on the back door mat all day in a bit of a daze. In the past this has lasted a week or so, and just when I think she is at deaths door (as well as the back door) she perks up, colours up and gets on with it. She is old. She has had a good life and I am OK with her drifting along a bit in her dotage. I wish she wouldn't crash tackle the silkie and pull out her pom pom feathers though - it is so MEAN.

The last of the baby ducks have gone their new home. Well, the last two drakes have gone to live with Mario untill they are fat enough for the pot anyway. So finally Miriam is back with his girls and a certain calm as returned to the backyard.

I have a secret project happening - I am crocheting a jumper. There is no pattern, except for a conceptual idea of how a one piece top down raglan jumper can be constructed from one piece of string and a crochet hook. The colours are a bit crazy, but as a prototype it has been a good experience. It has been hard to stay focused on one big project - my mind and hands want to grab different colours and make small projects such as tea cosys and beanies. But I am gently persevering.

And in the continuing vein of doing things that don't involve my brain unless I am being paid, I found this cute free embroidery design from www.needlecrafter.com which I am planning on trying to sew onto a plain food cover keep the flies off thingy forgotten what they are called. I wish my Nanna was still alive - she would be so proud of all my fruit growing, the veggies, preserving and crocheting and feeble attempts at embroidery. I miss you Nanna. The older I get the more I become like you and that is only a good thing.


Killi said...

Well done on the jumper. Are you making notes of what you're doing? The patterns I make up are usually written on the backs of several envelopes, which is why I'm trying to put the patterns with the photos of the finished items on my WP blog. There are so many scraps of paper that housed my calculations & instructions to the Christening gowns I knitted for my childer, that I'm not sure I could reconstruct them.

Poor little Silkie. My Silkie girls only lost their pom poms to the boys before the boys worked out how mating was supposed to take place!

Massandra Wine from Ukraina ~ mmmmmmmmm

The Duck Herder said...

Hi there Killi
The jumper is pretty simple - just starting at the neck, working a square untill it is bit enough to join the corners which become the arm holes and body - if that makes sence.....! I am SURE I will remember (not!)

I gave silkie a mohawk and she can see much better now - and escape when she sees big mean red coming.

Stay warm!

Killi said...

Annon crocheted herself a bandana & did really well ~ the photo will eventually be up on WordPress ~ having trouble posting 7th Feb's Photo, so have got badly behind

Jacqui said...

I miss my Grandma too and mum says the same thing to me: she would be so proud if she could see my garden, crochet and crafty things I'm learning to do. They are definitely with us in spirit.

I'm with you on the free-form crochet - I've embarked on a few of these over the years, some successful, others a disaster. The last big thing I made was a poncho for a friend - it nearly killed me to finish that damn thing but I'd made one for her daughter and they are so cute in their Mum/kid combo.

Ah the great extravagance of the faverolle hatchings! I spent something like $120 to get 30 eggs sent up from a farmer in Victoria to try to get some Dorkings and some other breeds I've forgotten about now. Got 5 roosters - no hens at all - and no breeds I wanted (bloody flighty Anconas was it oh and some Wellies which would have been fine but all boys).

Onwards and upwards!