Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Tour

This is the path up to the chooks/ducks/glass house/veggies.

That huge box alder shades the duck yard - which they enjoy very much. This tree got very badly burnt in the 2003 fires, so it is still a weird shape, but I love it.

The garden looks so lush, but really all you can see are drought tolerant natives - lamandras, kangaroo apples, wattles up the back and those other palmy looking things whose names I have forgotten.

And here are the stars of the garden. Miriam, Tabatha Jemima and Amelia. Miriam and TJ are quite old now - perhaps 4 or 5. They are moulting atm, so are looking a bit drab.

And here is the salad garden. We pick a huge salad out of here every day. The bird netting is to keep most of the birds off the lettuce, and to try and keep the brown snake out of the garden. His favourite place is under the mulch near the rosemary bush in the top right hand corner. So far so good.

And here is a peak in the glass house. Organised chaos. Notice the toilet roll seedling containers.

There is asparagus there ready for planting out this winter, some golden kiwi fruit seedlings and some banana passion fruit seedlings. Oh and of course, my pine nut seedlings waiting for a new home.

A closer look at a gold kiwi fruit seedling. I saved the seeds from some store bought gold kiwis, put them in the fridge for a few weeks and then voila! They take a while to germinate though - you have to be patient. And then even more patience is required to find out if they are girls or boys. I wish there was an easy way to tell at this stage. It feels good through, propagating something that is probably patented.

Here's one I prepared earlier! Perhaps 2 years old? It has really struggled in the heat and wind this year.

And how are those other kiwis going?

Look OK to me.

I started making tomato relish this evening. The tomatoes and onions are sweating atm. I think it will look nice with all those black krims in the mix.

that's all.

Good night.

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