Monday, February 23, 2009

All Hail the Queen!

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I am not sure what her name is - is it Queen Atalia?

So like, I was at Yoga/Meditation class tonight, and suddenly at about 6:30pm, all I could think about was BEES BEES BEES. After the class, I pottered along to the garden, picked some tomatoes and landed home about 7:30pm (still thinking of bees) Mr Duck Herder took me strait out onto the front deck to show me the bees that had swarmed at my friend Eric's house today which he caught and promptly bought over to live on the front deck - AT 6:30!!!

I am SWOONING with joy. Do you think she will like me? I forgot to mention that over the weekend I finally got it together to go out to Murrumbateman to buy a bee suit / space suit / fencing suit. And a smoker and a hive tool and some gloves. You see, I LOVE bees, I am just highly respectful of them, and I know that they will like me more, and be more accommodating of my clumsy tendings if I feel safe and calm and secure and totally UN BEAR LIKE.

Thus the suit.

Welcome Queen Atalia.

I will try my very very best to look after you and serve you well as your humble servant.

I love you already.

PS, Your Royal Highness, Eric informs me that if you could perhaps just persevere until Wednesday, he will bring you some more combs full of honey and nectar and stuff. My Queen, if that is to your liking.

PPS, I love you.


Killi said...

In my inbox there was a bhook all about bees & honey & can I remember where it came from?! I'm hoping that it was from CAT & I can find it again to i you the details...

Jacqui said...

Ahhhh!!! That's so exciting. M. and I are obsessed about getting bees and have been doing some research into native bees after a friend got some last year. When Christmas arrived I was all nervously excited thinking M. had got me some (like I was around my birthday thinking he'd got me a duck)...wrong both times :(

Queenie, I humbly present the Duck Herders to you as the most loyal and attentive of your citizens, who will minister to your every needs and fill your hive with love and honey.

If you can, get hold of this book: The Hive by Bee Wilson (the story of the honeybee and us) - very entertaining. Published by John Murray London

Valley View said...

There is a Bee Keeping Group that meets at the Woden CIT every second Thursday of the month - I wanted to go last month but couldn't get there. I'm going to try and get there in March. They will have a stand at the Canberra Show as well.



The Duck Herder said...

Hi Everyone

thanks so much for all your help and info. I am reading everything i can get my hands on.

hee hee, poor Jacqui :o)

Martyn i have been to bee club once last year, and will start going again next month too. It is just up the road so I don't really have an excuse i reckon.


The Princess Castle is a REAL farm now with microlivestock and everything!

Killi said...

Book not from CAT, rats, now to try to find the details from Bibliophile...

Killi said...

Still can't find the book :(